How to Choose the Best Basketball Trophies

Unique Basketball Trophies

Trophies have come a long way - new materials like resin can be formed into exciting 3-D designs, some with moving parts (spinner trophies).
Trophies have come a long way - new materials like resin can be formed into exciting 3-D designs, some with moving parts (spinner trophies).
In this unique Basketball Trophy, the basketball actually spins!
In this unique Basketball Trophy, the basketball actually spins!

When shopping for basketball trophies, there are many factors to consider that will help you choose the right one. Just like the teams at your tournament spent much time considering the design of their uniforms, those who are hosting tournaments and other competitions where basketball awards will be distributed need to carefully consider the prizes they are distributing.

A trophy makes a statement not only about the winning team, but also about the organization that hosted the tournament. Like all sports trophies, you will want to choose a trophy that is appropriate for the age of your players.

While a trophy like the NCAA men’s basketball trophy would make quite a showing in a school’s trophy case, the fact is that this type of award is not really appropriate for school age children. College teams, on the other hand, will expect to receive trophies that are a little bit larger than the ones they received in high school.

The first thing to consider when choosing the trophies, plaques, or other awards for your tournament is the size of the award. This is true whether you are shopping for baseball trophies, golf trophies, or trophies for any other sport.

Basketball is not an exception. The basket ball trophies that you are giving to the winning team should be larger than the trophies you give to any individual players. The team will hold up the trophy for victory pictures afterwards, so it needs to make a statement.

On the other hand, if you are giving a trophy to a player instead of a team, such as for the MVP of the tournament, the trophy should be smaller so as to not overshadow the accomplishments of the team that won the tournament.

Basketball trophies can be made out of a variety of materials. Choosing quality materials will make your tournament stand out from the other tournaments in the area.

You can choose metal, wood, glass, or synthetic materials for your awards. The cheaper materials may fit into your budget well, but they may make your tournament look less than desirable to the teams that you invite.

Also, consider choosing a trophy that mixes several materials together to provide the best possible look. For instance, you may choose a basketball award with a wood pedestal and a metal topper. This would bring the two materials together beautifully to create a pleasing overall effect.

Keep in mind that the materials used in the trophy will determine how much it weighs. Choose quality, but lightweight, materials so that the team that wins the tournament can easily move the trophy.

Next, consider the construction of the basketball trophy you will be awarding, particularly when you are awarding it to a team. Remember, these trophies will be moved around quite a bit, so you need to choose one that is well made and will last the test of time. If the trophy falls apart after a few years of being handled, the reputation of your organization as the host of the tournament will suffer.

Choosing awards seems like an easy task, but if your organization is hosting a tournament, you will find that your reputation is at stake based on the awards you choose.

Choosing a cheap, unattractive trophy may be tempting when you are considering your budget, but it has the potential to make you look cheap and unattractive as an organization.

However, if you choose a quality trophy that makes a good impression when on display, your organization will gain a quality reputation. Choosing basketball trophies is not a decision to take lightly.

Las Vegas Basketball Classic MVP Award

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Jason Roatan  6 years ago

Do you think it's better to give out trophies to everyone, or particularly award trophies for certain skills?

Steve Hartnell 5 years ago

Then again, you can consider an American Made trophy

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