How To Cook A Balti

Were do You Start To Cook A Balti

I have been cooking balti's for around 20 years now but it took me a long time to master the art of cooking a balti.Because their was no books on how to create a restaurant balti.

No-one would tell you how to go around cooking a balti because all chefs guard their secret recipes like gold it self It was very hard for me in the beginning to learn how to creating the perfect restaurant balti

This was painstaking for many years every book that was available on pakistan cooking l brought or got from the library.A idea came to me one evening when l went and bought a balti from one of my favourite restaurants at that time l will cover more about this next time on the secret l fiqured out when eating this balti.

The secret spices you will need for your restaurant balti

The best spices to use are whole spices were you toast them in a wok or oven let them cool and then you grind them up into a powder and put them into a container.The other way his to commercial bagged spices which is a lot more convenient for you to use.The spices and dry ingrediance you will need are has follows.

The spice list and dry ingredients list you will need for you balti

coriander, Tumeric,paprika,Cumin,Garam Masala,ginger,garlic,tomatoe puree,vegetable oil,salt,chillies,green or red peppers,fresh tomatoes,theses are all the ingredance you will need for you balti except for the base sauce were you will need as follows 4 onions,2 cloves fresh garlic,1inch piece of ginger which you must peel 1 pint of water.l will cover what you will need to do next to make up the restaurant sauce.


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