How To Meet The Girl Of Your Dreams

You have come in search to the answer of one of the toughest questions to completely answer, but here goes:

To find the girl of your dreams you must make yourself available.

This means that you must associate yourself with a nice group of people (single or married really doesn't matter too much) that aren't into drugs, bank robberies or beating people up just for kicks.

You must circulate, be seen at interesting places, doing interesting things. This includes raising your social and moral base as well as your knowledge of the world around you. To do these things, you must:

Read the daily news - this will give you current topics to talk about as you meet people (a great way to always have something to talk about is to be aware of the news of the day).

Donate your time to a local charitable organization - people that can give their time to worthwhile causes will find similar people that share similar values (a great place to start meeting honest people is inside an organization where people share their time and talents!)

Increase your knowledge of the world around you - if you are in a big city, visit the museum, the planetarium, the art gallery. Take the time to not only look, but enjoy the tours that are available. Make it a part of your monthly routine to do something that will raise your knowledge of history and art and get involved by taking the tours, asking questions and sharing your knowledge with your fellow tour-mates. If you are in a small city or town, take courses offered at the local college or high school that involve history and art, maybe even cooking. Find group tours that are offered to go to the larger cities and also visit the museums and art galleries. Here, you will be able to use what you know on the long bus trips to these places of learning as a "breaking the ice" approach with the people that share the trips with you.

Find reputable online singles services and community web sites and join them and become a participant. Be sure to take time writing your personal ad (make it interesting, not desperate) and always join a service that offers a forum, message board, chat room, or some other interactive area, so you can share time online with others and do more than just meet by browsing the ads and sending messages.

The girl of your dreams is out there, you just need to be available to meet her.

Begin today by becoming available.

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jaymz profile image

jaymz 9 years ago from USA

I had mine... Question I pose to you- How to keep the girl of you dreams?

R Pseudomen profile image

R Pseudomen 9 years ago from Canada Author

That's a whole new topic. Read this one here:

Pradeepa S Rao 7 years ago

Nice article..


Useful for me:) to find the girl of my dream.

R Pseudomen profile image

R Pseudomen 7 years ago from Canada Author

Always glad to be helpful. Follow up this article with for more great dating advice

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