How To Quiet a Fussy Baby

Listening to the crying of a baby all night is no one's idea of fun. New parents and seasoned parents alike all share the fact that at one time or another their baby was fussy and crying, and basically keeping their parents sleep deprived. Not only are parents missing out on sleep due to their upset little ones, the emotional stress and worry over their baby can take a huge toll.

There are many different ways to calm an upset baby, and we all have to find our niche, that special little trick that quiets them and puts them to sleep every time. With three little boys, my husband and I had plenty of practice to find out what really worked with our children. Singing quietly while rocking them always helped soothe them off to sleep, other times when they were teething and not so easily soothed, we would stand up and sway or dance slowly while singing or listening to soft music. This may not work for everyone, it really all depends on the situation and what works for your own baby.

If the above did not work for you, try something else. Sometimes gently bouncing your baby up or down or side to side can stop the tears. If your child seems gassy try holding them with their head on your shoulder and their knees curled up by their belly. This can sometimes help relieve any pressure in their tummy.

Comfort them by swaddling them tightly in a blanket with their arms and legs against their sides, softly talk while rocking them. Refrigerate a pacifier if your child uses one, then if a dirty diaper is the culprit, pop the cold paci into their mouth to surprise them long enough to change them.

Some parents use white noise, or static to eliminate over-stimulation from other noises. Over-stimulation can quite frequently cause an unhappy baby. Turn the radio to static or run the vacuum cleaner. You can even record a tape of what works best and play it at nighttime to help them sleep.

A lot of times, just a change of scene is called for. If it is a nice day, walk outside with your baby. The fresh air and sounds of nature or cars will instantly have their attention.

If none of the above works, and you've tried other things also, make sure that you follow up with a doctor to make sure that your child is not ill. A baby that cannot be soothed may be trying to tell you something, so please be alert. If your child is not ill, then most of these suggestions should work for you and ensure that you and your baby will have more peace and most assuredly more sleep!


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