How to Clean a Goldfish Bowl in Five Minutes

You love your goldfish, but don't like to spend a lot of time cleaning out the bowl. I developed a way over the years that allows you to clean out the bowl without disturbing your pet in five minutes or less.

With a few supplies and a little preparation, you will have more time for other things, like shopping for more fish!

Step 1: The day before you clean your goldfish bowl, fill up a small container with clean (i use filtered) water that equates to 1/3 of the tank's capacity. Let this water sit overnight right next to the goldfish bowl, allowing the temperature of both containers to be the same.

Step 2: Using a small suction hose (readily available in pet stores everywhere), remove 1/3 of the water from the goldfish bowl (no need to remove the fish during this process) and collect dirty water into a brand new container. Make sure to agitate the gravel at the bottom of the bowl to loosen and collect the debris.

Step 3: Slowly pour the water you prepared the day before into the goldfish bowl, taking care not to anger (or injure) your fish with a blast of water.

P.S. The waste water collected is GREAT for plants and trees so don't just poor this liquid fertilizer down the drain!

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n.l 5 years ago

my fish is in his bag umm don't want to hurt him so do i just tip the bag right over

4 years ago

you should just open the bag and pour him in your aquarium

musictunes profile image

musictunes 2 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

My mistake that I was making was actually picking up my goldfish bowl and pouring that 1/3 of water into the sink. This was stirring up the water and making it super dirty. Thanks for the hint on using a siphon hose. I also found this guide helpful What I don't get is how to use a siphon hose that the gravel doesn't "stick" into while pulling the water out...?

musictunes profile image

musictunes 2 years ago from Saint Cloud, Minnesota

hey I screwed up that link haha Can you fix it. Here is the link

Spiritsun55 13 months ago

Hello, I seem to have stumbled upon this page, and I would like to point out that goldfish should never, and I mean never, be kept in a bowl. This fish produces a huge bioload, and messes up the tank quickly, not to mention goldfish grow to the size of a grown womans hand on average, and would outgrow the tank quickly. Though I am no expert on the fish, I have researched goldfish and concidered them for my ten gallon. More on why they should not be kept in bowls here:

Thank you for your time.

-a freshwater fish keeper.

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