How to Handle a Rebound Relationship

Rebound relationships are quite common after a break-up. But they are also greatly misunderstood. When you see your ex dating someone new, the best thing to do is to keep a level head on your shoulders. Just because she's in a rebound doesn't mean that she's not interested in getting back together with you. In this article, you will discover why she's in a rebound relationship - and how you can best handle it, since it's actually the single best answer to the question of how to get your ex back.

Rebound relationships are natural. For many people, they're a great way to rebuild their self-esteem after a break-up. Especially for women, they also serve as proof that they're still wanted. They help fill the emotional gap left by the break-up and often help overcome the pain of separation.

But rebounds don't last. Women who jump headfirst into a rebound relationship weeks after a break-up are usually the first to call it quits a month later. Statistics show that 90% of rebounds fail within 3-4 months.

If your ex is in a rebound, the best thing to do is to wait it out. It sounds difficult, but fighting for her will only make things worse. Let's face it - seeing your ex with someone new is never easy. But remember that she will probably dump the guy in a month!

The reason why rebounds don't last is that your ex will subconsciously compare her new man to you. As time goes by, she will gradually forget your flaws - but every day she will be reminded of his. Women enter rebounds to forget their ex, but they usually only end up discovering how much better you were compared to that new guy. But if you keep going after her or picking fights with the new guy, she'll dismiss you as an obsessed jerk. You won't just get your ex back - you'll push her right into the new guy's arms!

This is why you should always let a rebound run its course. When the time comes to get her back, she will appreciate you all the more for the man you are. All that remains is to sweep her off her feet when her rebound ends - and to discover how to get your ex back for good, click on this link to read my free article!

There are few things worse than the pain of a bad break-up - except, perhaps, the horror of seeing her with someone else. Rebound relationships are highly popular with women because they help rebuild their self-esteem as well as often allow them to move on after a break-up. Unfortunately, many men don't understand the concept of rebound relationships - which is why, in this article, I explain why rebounds are nothing for you to worry about and how you can still win your ex back in 17 days, whether she's in a rebound or not!

First of all, statistics show that rebound relationships fail 90% of the time - so if you're worried sick about your ex meeting the man of her dreams a week after breaking up with you, relax. Secondly, the reason why rebounds fail is because the woman is usually not prepared - or even interested in - a serious emotional commitment. Instead, she's just looking for someone who can make her feel good and ease the pain of a bad break-up - which is why she will probably dump the guy a few months down the line.

However, while your ex is in a rebound relationship, there are certain things you absolutely MUST NOT do if you're serious about winning her back. First and foremost, avoid making an issue out of it. Although you may be tempted to track the guy down and start some trouble, doing so will only make you look like a desperate, obsessed loon. In fact, the best way to handle a rebound is to pretend that it doesn't exist - even if you're freaking out on the inside.

Moreover, since it is likely that your ex will dump the guy in a few months as well, use this time to work on yourself and become the man she'd be dying to have in her life. This means moving on and pulling yourself together. It's hard to snap out of the grieving stage after a break-up - but as long as you continue to be a deranged emotional train-wreck, your ex will never consider getting back together.

After a few months, feel free to give your ex a call and offer to meet up. By that time, she will have either dumped the guy already or will be on the verge of doing so - which means you just need to say the right words to make her fall in your arms again. If you want to know how to push their rebound relationship over the edge, click here to visit my website where I review advanced techniques which won me my own ex back - in spite of her being in a rebound with her best friend!

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