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Treasure Hunt Game


There comes a point as kids are learning to read when they struggle a little sounding out the words, becoming frustrated, just wanting you to read to them while they follow along. When my granddaughter was at that point, I came up with a Treasure Hunt Reading Game that we both had a lot of fun with.

I started by writing names of things and areas of the house on about ten pieces of paper - fireplace, dog bowl, back door, bathroom drawer, etc. I told her to start at the kitchen counter where she would find her first Treasure Hunt Clue. She had to sound out and read the clue and go to that location. There she would find the next clue, and so on. She had never shown so much excitement about sounding out words.

Halfway through, at clue number five, I left a Treasure - a coloring book and crayons - along with another clue. This whole thing went on for 20 to 30 minutes. Her final Treasure at clue number ten was a new doll. Any prizes would be great. How about sidewalk chalk, a T-shirt, bubble bath, a ball, a cookie; anything they are interested in or something new to try.

We did this several times over a month or so and pretty soon she wasn't struggling to sound out the words. We had a lot of fun together and created a nice memory, too.

Some online sources for help with teaching a child to read:

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Treasure Hunt Clues
Treasure Hunt Clues


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