Don't be Abused in Your Online Marketing Efforts

What to watch for...

  • Any type of program that claims to have the magic button to help you make a ton of money on the internet you need to be leary of. There are no magic buttons in online marketing.
  • Unrealistic income claims. How many times have you seen the claims "See how this grand mother made $5000 in 24 hours" All you need to do is buy my crappy ebook and find out how.
  • Programs that banter around words like ethics and integrity. It is usually an attempt to overcompensate for a lack of.
  • Relying on downline builder programs as your primary income vehicle. If you are in the make money niche be leary of downline builders that claim to be your key to online riches. They are usually ran by individuals with a hidden agenda.

Set your own path

Subscribing to automatic online money and bulding downlines is a sure path to failure for a new Internet Marketer unless you take steps to protect yourself.

Here are some easy tips to help you.

If you are in the make money niche don't concentrate on building downlines build a list,

Don't promote prducts with leaks. Leaks are when you send a visitor to a site or merchant and they can perform an action that you are not compensated for, A good example is clickbank products with opt in forms or merchants with telephone numbers on their site. If a surfer opts in or buys on the phone you will not get paid!!

Stay away from the make money niche if you are not already making money. No one wants to learn to make money from someone who is not making a dime. Find a niche that you know and market it.

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