How to Start Your Own Blog at Your Own Domain/URL

You’re not a technical person, you’re a good writer, and you just decided to start your own blog at your own domain. It’s not as hard as it looks—I’m not technical either, but managed to do it in 30 minutes, not counting the 8 hours I spent researching. So think of this article as a time saver.

Choosing Blogging Software

Let’s divide the task into two: choosing blogging software and choosing a web host. I settled on blogging software that is easy to use and often considered the best—WordPress. It took me a few minutes to learn how to start new posts, upload pictures, and manage comments and users—which is what bloggers mainly do. Get a free blog on WordPress to see if it works for you before you purchase a domain name. It takes less than a minute:

My favorite feature of WordPress is that you can change the appearance of your blog, without changing the contents, with a click. Go to Dashboard, Appearance, click the template you like, and activate.

Choosing a Web Host

Based on how easy it is to install, update and maintain WordPress blogging software, recommends a number of web hosts. I picked because they were on the top of the list of recommended hosts. I opened a 12-month web-hosting account for $8.95 per month and registered my domain name for free. Under the guidance of a Blue Host representative, using the live chat on their website, I installed WordPress on my new web hosting account and connected the software to my new domain name.

Don’t worry about the initial settings. Once you have WordPress installed at your new hosting account, you can change the title and subtitle of your blog. A more complicated setting is the appearance—by default you’ll be able to choose among three crudely-made blog templates. But the important thing is that you’ll finally have your first blog at your own domain. 


Domain Service Provided by and WordPress

There is another way to set up a blog at your own domain. With a click of a button on their interfaces, and will let you host your blog at your own domain. And although at first this makes setup easier, you'll have less flexibility in managing your blog—you'll have limited control over advertising and over the appearance of your blog templates.

I’ll be posting a separate hub on how to upload other WordPress templates, and another hub on how to use AdSense on your new WordPress blog.


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brad4l profile image

brad4l 7 years ago from USA

I would agree that wordpress is very easy to use and install, making it a great choice for new bloggers. I don't know if bluehost does it, but some hosts offer "one-click installs" of popular software, like wordpress, which makes getting started even easier.

rainmakerrain profile image

rainmakerrain 7 years ago from United States Author

Brad, the web host I'm now using does offer one-click install. For technical people setting up a new blog is as easy as 3-4 clicks, but imagine the first time you did it.

Luckyman 7 years ago

Very helpful hub!I`ll pprofit by yours advice.Thank you!

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