Out of the Mouths of Retail Customers

What would you think if this was your store?

As the owner of a retail stationery/invitation/gift shop where I spend much of my time, here are some of the doozies we've heard from customers over the years ...

"Can I just take this with me to show someone before we buy it? I'll leave my wallet here and come back later."

On the day AFTER a holiday ... "Is this all you have left?"

We have a sales associate who is, I kid you not, the nicest woman in the world. One perpetually crabby customer told me, "If I have to talk to that woman one more time, I'm going to kill myself." Again, this comment was about a really nice person who was doing everything humanly possible to give the customer great service.

In November -- "Can you hold these for me until your after Christmas sale?"

After spending hours going through invitation albums with a woman to write up an order for a custom Bat Mitzvah invitation, she had all of the specs, i.e., proper wording, typestyles, ink color, paper, lining, etc. She then told me she had a relative back East that was going to order it for her at a 40% discount.

Commenting loudly on how ugly they think something is or how they could make it themselves.

A bride and groom got into a fight on the way to our store to pick up their order. When the bride asked the groom, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you about going to pick up our wedding invitations?" He replied, "About a 3." Another groom heard this and said, "I need to talk to that guy. He should never answer any question like that with less than a 12!"

A woman broke a decorative object, then demanded a discount on it because she wasn't going to pay full price for something that was broken.

Even though we have a sign on the door that requests no food, beverage or pets be brought into the store, we had a woman drop a cup of coffee which exploded everywhere. She yelled at me because her skirt was wet and couldn't I just get her something to clean herself up with? We also had a woman bring her dog into the store and it proceeded to take a crap on the carpet. Amazingly, she brought it back into the store again the next week. Strangely, neither customer offered to pay for the carpet cleaning!

I guess I'm hoping this will remind everyone to be kind and conscientious when out shopping. And if you value the independent retailers that work so hard to stay open in your neighborhood, shop them often!


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