How to get a Vending Machine installed at a Residence

Charging the kids per snack..

Why do you want a vending machine? What do you want to vend? and to whom? Who do you plan to have service it?

When you say "Residence" you need to be a little more specific, i.e. a single family residence or a dorm?

If you have a reasonably large population and a reasonable expectation that the products will sell, you can often times approach a vending company and they will deliver a machine and take care of stocking it for you, and more importantly, keeping it stocked. Because you provide the location and the power to operate the machine you will usually get a percentage of the total sales. What that amount is, and how often it is payed out, is something you negotiate with the company.

If you don't have the population density needed to get an arrangement like that set up, there are a lot of companies that sell lighter grade vending machines you can purchase yourself. I've seen them at BJ's Wholesale in the past. But, the problem is that you then need to stock the machine and keep it stocked, which means you have to have a closet or some space nearby to keep inventory, because seldom will your topping off of the items in the machine equal exactly the quantities you purchase in boxes at the supplier of your choice.

Most localities have rules and regulations about vending machines and a licensing procedure, how much attention you need to pay to them depends on where you are planning to put the machine(s), a private area, a semi public area, and remember, if you are not the owner of the property in question, you probably need their permission too.

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Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 8 years ago

I was thinking of a soda vending machine put in a entertainment room in a single family home. Thanks

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