How to get your site listed in google yahoo and msn for free

How to get listed in google , yahoo and msn.

Here is a simple trick to get your site listed in yahoo , Google and msn.

This is based on the simple fact that only the child who cries get milk.

Getting listed in Google

You can use this trick.Go to

Fill in the form you see there.Its done.Depending upon the nature of content in your site Google will index your site.

You can check if your site is indexed by Google by using this technique.Go to .If your site name is then enter this terms in Google search box. . don't give space between site and ':' and also ':' and

Now hit search button.It will show you the pages of your site currently indexed by Google.

Getting listed in yahoo

Getting listed in yahoo is easy.Go to :

Under this 'Submit a Website or Webpage' enter your website address(homepage) and click submit url button.

This requires to sign up for a yahoo ID if you don't have one already.

Checking whether your site got listed in yahoo.

Go to

Do the same thing as you did for Google as mentioned above.

Getting listed in msn

Msn is now Live Search. Go to :

Fill in the form and submit the form.

Checking if site is listed :

Do same technique as you did for yahoo and Google.

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Amit 8 years ago

Hi thanks for the info

SEO Expert Kerala profile image

SEO Expert Kerala 8 years ago from KERALA

Very useful tips ...Most Of SEOs spend time and money for search engine submission

ulfromother 8 years ago

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 7 years ago from Global Citizen

nice tips ...Do you know how to be listed in bing?

free-acne-treatment-info 7 years ago

Looks like it's easier to get index in Bing & Yahoo than Google. I'm beginning to like Bing and Yahoo more now since Google couldn't be bothered with new websites like us.

Get Listed in Google 7 years ago

Wow, those are simple steps. I don't think a lot of people know about them at all, and it is really easy to understand. Good stuff there!

Jonathan Lackman 6 years ago

Got a new site listed in Google and Yahoo, used this to review Bing groundwork and verify everything is correct. Thanks for the great information.

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