How to get rid off or control diabetes?

Of course don't do anything big before speaking with a doctor, but here's some information:

There are two types of diabetes with different treatment methods. With Type I diabetes, the body's immune system turns on the pancreas and compromises its ability to produce insulin. People with Type I diabetes need to get insulin into their body, by injections or continuously with an insulin pump. This type of diabetes is managed by balancing the amount of insulin taken with the amount of food eaten. It's a little inconvenient at first bothering to see how many carbs are in your meal and determine how much insulin to take, but a positive side effect is that you end up paying more attention to what is going into your mouth.

With Type II diabetes, the pancreas can still produce insulin but the cells of the body that normally use the insulin develop some resistance to it. Diet and exercise go a long way, but do not get rid of diabetes.

Good luck!

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guidebaba 8 years ago from India


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CarpetDiem 8 years ago from Southern California

hi Pete, I think in your hub title you mean "OF" not "OFF", ie "how to get rid OF or control diabetes", not "How to get rid OFF ..." ~ Steve

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joycejohns 7 years ago

I have a question not a comment. My brother has been diag.with type 1 diabetes. He weighed 204 last he is 163....he has lost weight and muscle tone how can I help him?? He hasnt and dosent want insulin shots and hasnt started insulin yet but I know it's coming someone anyone advise how I can get him to gain weight healthy plzzzzzz thnks in advance

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