How To Take An Exotic Vacation On A Low Budget

Asia Offers the Best Budget Vacations

Going on vacation is by itself not cheap because there are so many fees to pay. However, you can keep the costs at a minimum by doing the following:

1. Determine your budget. Check how much you are able to spend for the vacation. The worst thing that could happen is to have too many bills piling up after the holiday.

2. Travel in Asia. Probably the best place to go to when on a budget is Asia particularly the Philippines, Thailand, China and Vietnam. The cost of hotels, food and transportation are not as high as other countries. For example, in the Philippines, hotels could go as low as 150 PHP or the equivalent of only 3 USD per day. Even shopping and plane fares are quite cheap in the countries I have mentioned. For cheap tickets, visit,, and

3. Use Hostels. In, there are many hostels listed with reviews. During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we booked with Ah Shan Hostel because in, they had the best rating. True enough, it was a pleasure staying with them. Hostels are alternatives to Hotels. They are smaller and are offered either ensuite (that means the toilet and bath is in the room) or communal (that means the toilet and bath is shared by all other guests). You may book on a per person or per room basis which gives you a chance to work around your budget.

4. Get a map and cluster the places you would like to go. check with the internet and see what places interest you . Check with Usually, the members there are more than willing to help plan an itinerary. They give advices on places to go to or avoid. I know. I'm a member there. hehehe

If possible, plan on having to spend a night or two in the area where you will spend your time the most. This way you will save on transportation costs.

5. Try to incorporate walking tours in your holiday. There are tours arranged by travel agency but you can actually do this yourself.

6. Plan on having company. If you go in groups, you can save by having to share expenses. At virtualtourist, some members arrange groups holidays.

7. Visit Museums. One of the cheapest yet interesting place to go to is a museum. Usually, they have special movies or events that you can view apart from their exhibits.

8. Travel light and use wash and wear clothes. When you travel light, you don't pay extra for your baggage even when you shop a little.

9. Use public transportation.

10. minimize eating at expensive restaurants. 7-eleven meals are available at reasonable costs. For example, in the philippines, a microwave meal can be bought from either 7-11 or ministop at an average of 45 php. The meal can be heated in their microwave.

11. Have a budget for meals, transportaion, shopping, and others and try to stick to your budget.

12. For finding budget hotels, cheap airline tickets, use,,, and

13. Check out the websites of the tourism board of the country. they may have cheap or free treats for visitors.

My family is fond of travelling on budget. You may check our travels at

baguio spider
baguio spider

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Fiona  7 years ago

love to hear that you have great stay @ ah shan hostel.

Hope to see you again soon. ~~n_n

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