How I Lost 25 lbs

Hope this is helpful

I don't have any magic trick to teach you but I still thought this may help someone so I wanted to publish it.

I was having a lot of trouble losing weight after my last child, I studied all kinds of different things to lose weight, I did Taebo, drank nothing but water and even tried diet pills which made me feel sick. Nothing was working to great for me. (I'm sure if I would have made myself stick to Taebo it would have eventually worked.) So anyways, I finally went to a local gym and talked with a personal trainer about signing up with her. She took one look at me and said that my biggest problem was with sugar because I was holding weight around my middle. I'm not really the sweets type but I was drinking 5-6 canneds regular sodas a day.

Well I had tried water only and told the trainer that this did not work for me because I was so used to all the caffeine I got from my soft drinks and I hated diet drinks they turned my stomach. She recommended I try unsweetened tea with sweetener added. I did this and it wasn't bad at all. She also recommended I try diet sundrop which I did. After I trained myself to drink these, I can drink any diet drink with ease because they just taste like normal soda to me now. I did this and watched the portions of food I always eat and in 2 months I lost 25 lbs. I hope this helps any of you diet drink-challenged people out there because it helped me

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