How To Get Your Car Windows Super Clean

Have you ever spent an entire day cleaning your car?You clean everything so that it looks perfect.You wash ,wax,clean the tires hoping to make a good impression on someone.

After doing all of that cleaning you decide to go out for some night time entertainment.You get in your car, start down the road, and the headlights from an approaching car reveals several streaks on your windshield and it seems every time the streaks are at eye level.A perfect location to drive you nuts.

This same thing happened to me for years.I would clean and re-clean the inside glass.I tried every glass cleaner I could find and it always ended up with streaks.

I recently had someone tell me how to really clean your windows with no left-over streaks.My first impression was, yea right.

It turned out that the cleaner was never the problem.The problem was with what I was using to wipe the glass with.I have used paper towels,cloth towels,clean baby diapers anything I could think of, all with the same results.

The secret to clean windows is to use old newspapers to clean your glass.I know it doesn't sound like it would work.In fact when I was told this I didn't try it for quite awhile until one day I was so mad that I gave it a try.I was shocked.I only washed the windows one time, they were clean.That night I took the car out just to see how clean they were with lights from other cars.They were spotless.

If you have had the similar problem, give this a try,you will not be disappointed.

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Jack Dunlop 8 years ago

My car windows all have water spots which I believe are from Hard water that dried fast in the sun. I have tried various window cleaners to remove but nothing is working. Any ideas?

linda 7 years ago

you can do 2 things 1 soke a cleancloth in vinager it will removw hard water....

#2 use 000stelwool must be 000size any other will scrach your windoes!!!!!!

Shara 7 years ago

I just got Windshield Wonder and its saved me a ton of time and back ache. Windows are now squeaky clean. Love it!

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