How to Make a Keepsake Lavender Pillow

Everyone, especially parents, has those special, sentimental textiles lying around. Maybe it's a particularly sweet dress your baby girl wore, which she's now outgrown. Maybe it is a super-cute quilt from your little boy's crib, or maybe it's your wedding dress. We could leave these treasured items hanging in a closet or languishing in a box somewhere....but why? There is a better way to hold onto those precious items by turning them into a special decorative accessory that you will enjoy every day.

This is a simple sewing project. You don't even need a sewing machine; every step can be done by hand with a needle and thread. Here are the supplies you will need for this Keepsake Lavender Pillow:

  • A special fabric item, such as a blanket, tea towel, piece of clothing, or handkerchief. The only requirement is that it be large enough to make into a small pillow. If the item is tiny (often the case with baby clothes) try to find a second, complimentary item to pair with it.
  • A needle and thread that coordinates with your fabric
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Lavender flowers

Please note that the amount of lavender you will need will vary depending on the size pillow you want to make. Lavender can be found in some craft stores, health food stores, or online. If you just can't manage to get enough lavender together, you can fill your pillow with cotton batting and just put some lavender inside to give the aroma. I personally like filling the entire pillow with it, but I grow my own lavender, so I always have plenty on hand. Do what works for you.

How To Make the Pillow

This is easy, easy, easy!

  • Measure your fabric items to determine what size pillow you can make. You'll need to pay attention to things like where sleeves are in clothing items, because those will interfere with the overall design. What you really want is to just use the front and back of a clothing item. Even if the item has a zipper or buttons on the front, you can use it. Just cut the arms, neck, or legs off of the item and use the main "body" of it for your pillow.
  • Cut the fabric so that you end up with two matching pieces for the front and back of your pillow.
  • If part of your pillow has buttons or snaps, you will have to sew a seam up the opening where the buttons are to seal it closed. Otherwise, you will have lavender falling out of your pillow!
  • Position your fabric so that the right sides are facing, so that the pillow looks inside-out. Line everything up, and use straight pins to hold everything together.
  • Start sewing the fabrid together around the edges, leaving about a quarter-inch seam allowance. Do three sides completely, and then sew part of each side of the fourth side, leaving a two to three inch opening in the center of the fourth side. This will be where you pour the lavender in.
  • Turn your pillow right side out, and use your fingertips or a chopstick to completely turn out the corners. Use an iron if you like to iron it smooth and flat.
  • Pour your lavender in. Use a funnel or a piece of paper formed into a cone, and pour the lavender in through the hole in the pillow. Pack it as full or as loosely as you like. I like to really pack my pillows, but this is your what you want!
  • Use a needle and thread to sew your opening closed.

Now you have a sentimental, fabulous-smelling keepsake pillow for your bed, a loved-one's bed, or to keep on the couch. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of the person or event, and it will make you happy. As a bonus, the room will smell fabulous, too.

Lavender flowers, also called lavender buds, can be found in health food stores, craft stores and online.
Lavender flowers, also called lavender buds, can be found in health food stores, craft stores and online.

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Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet 9 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

I am going to do this..A blog friend sent me some lavendar she picked in France and it is heavenly...What a great idea.

sandra 7 years ago

Thanks for this great idea. I was thinking of putting a little bit of lavender buds in a plastic bag with "off season" clothing which will be put into the attic for the summer. But I don't want to attract mice or insects. What do you think?

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