How to reduce Large Pores

Large Pores Don't Have to Last Forever

have always been plagued with big pore and big pores equal big acne. To my dismay, few skin care companies cater to big pores beyond Neutrogena's pore refining products. Recently, however, I stumbled across Beauty 4 Ashes ® "U Big Pore Baby"TM system. This system, although priced at $54.99, works wonders for large pores and feels great on the skin. An additional boon for the system is that it is completely all-natural.

Let me say that I am not a natural product fanatic, I use what works. However, for an all natural product to produce the same quality results as comparatively priced synthetic products, such as Philosophy or Proactiv, I have to give it thumbs up. The system includes a pore refining sugar scrub, a pore tightening citrus toner, and an Aloe Vera repair serum. I loved the fragrance, most likely an effect of the essential oil ingredients, and I saw significant results within 60 days.

The Magic Ingredients

The "U Big Pore Baby" TM system contains citrus fruit essential oils that naturally penetrate and cleanse pores while also tightening them. Sounds too good to be true? Not really. An essential oil packs more power than most chemically created acne solutions. Plus, most citrus fruits are natural diuretics, which detoxify the skin while also firming it. Additionally, citrus fruits are packed with Vitamin C and collage rebuilding minerals. Vitamin C is actually a skin lightener. Remember how Vitamin C lightened the eyes of individuals with scurvy or jaundice? Not to mention, the "U Big Pore Baby System"TM also includes Emu Oil, Lavender, and the natural form of salicyclic (BHA), which is white willow bark. These ingredients alone are effective to reduce acne, refine pores, and remove scars. Some individuals even sell Emu Oil separately for $35 because of its renowned effect on the skin.

Is it for you?

Well, that is a personal decision. The company is professional. Their products are chock full of great ingredients and their prices are comparative to what you expect to spend for a quality acne or pore refining product. In fact, their prices may be under priced, considering they are made from all natural ingredients. Within one week, I noticed that my skin was softer, more clear, and firmer. By two weeks, many of my dark spots had begun to fade and my pores were unclogged and stay unclogged. By three weeks, my pores had definitely reduced in size. If you want more information, check out their site at wwwdiscoverb4acom.



Amount Paid (US$): 54.99 + tax and shipping

Skin Compatibility: Improved my skin

Fragrance: Citrusy and sweet

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