Save Up To 40% On Your Auto Insurance


IDA Saves You Up To 40% On Your Auto Insurance!

Collision Deductible Reserve Plan

IDA has created a program that will empower millions of Americans to save thousands of dollars on their car insurance premiums, allowing them to use those dollars in a way that could make a significant difference in their long-term financial picture. Additionally, the program lowers the risk

of having to pay a collision deductible

from already strained checking and savings accounts.

For nearly a century, insurance companies have been selling people on the idea of low deductible, high premium insurance. With the hectic and hurried lifestyles of Americans, little time is available to analyze insurance rates or to conduct cost-benefit analysis. The very real risk of possibly

having inadequate coverage

in the event of an accident has cause many Americans

to buy into the low deductible, high premium insurance game, needlessly wasting hundreds of millions of dollars over the years. IDA is changing all that! IDA has developed the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan (CDRP),

a program that allows consumers to raise their collision deductible to a higher amount, often saving as much as 40% on their overall automobile insurance premiums. The CDRP is helping Americans increase their cash flow and discretionary income at the same time!

A Big Opportunity

Here's where things get really exciting. The typical American household spends substantial dollars for car insurance every month. With the CDRP, the potential savings for each family are real and attainable. So much so that significant commissions, overrides, and bonuses can be paid to IDA Associates, while simultaneously saving families hundreds of dollars every year.

Call Joe Hurley @ 1.877.471.8633

Or go to you need to put my name, Joe Hurley in the referral box to signup and start Saving!

IDA Associate; Joe Hurley

Save Money Like I Did! IDA's CDRP Is Awesome
Save Money Like I Did! IDA's CDRP Is Awesome

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