Who Famous Would I Invite To Dinner and Why

If I could have five famous people to dinner first would be with Madonna. Madonna has been an icon since I was very small. The business sense she has along with the drive has made her a person of interest to me for a long time. It amazes me that although she has endured alot of critizism she remains in the spot light so well. It is not that I agree with all of her ethics, but I admire her ability to overcome obstacles and reach her goals.

The second person I would invite to dinner would be again a woman, the lovely Oprah. I adore Oprah and her caring yet strong way of handling situations. The wit and charm that she uses with her personalities on her show has always kept me coming back for more. There are some in her field that attack their own guests only to get the ratings. Oprah in my eyes, embraces them and really cares about people and helping us each obtain our own happiness. Go Oprah!

The third person I would invite to a sit down dinner would be Melissa Etheridge. Wow what an amazing woman. Melissa is the first lesbian woman to break into the general population and she did it at first without anyone really knowing her sexual orientation. After that breakthrough she continues to use words and put them together in a way that makes you think and feel without the barrier of straight and gay. The lyrics she uses allows the listener to understand it for themselves and that is an art in my book. Melissa battled cancer not to long ago and thrives. Melissa's strength and determination are very admirable also. Melissa is a great icon for our youth as well as for each of us. A standing ovation to her.

The fourth person I would invite to dinner would be the singer Pink. I heard a song by her a while ago that has intrigued me. "Dear Mr. President". In her song she talks about us at war and President Bush and his predjuice against Gay and Lesbian relationships. I feel that Pink and I share the same thoughts. I feel that Pink has alot of influence on our youth and she handles it exceptional well with dignity for that I give her much respect.

The fifth and last person I would invite to a sit down dinner would be Mrs. Bush herself. I would not ask Mr. Bush to attend. I would like to ask Mrs. Bush how she could live with the President and how he is behind the cameras. I would like to hear her views personally on Gay and Lesbian issues. I want to know what her motherly opinions are versus the stand by your man politically correct ones that we hear. Mrs. Bush has to be a good woman. I just would like to understand her side of where her husband comes from and his religious judgementalness.

I feel that if I could have these five people to chat with it would benefit me in understanding the people, places and times we live in and around.

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charlotte 8 years ago

i really want rita simons to come round my house

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

MY TOP 5 for dinner at casa del funktual would be..

George Carlin

Mike Doughty (formerly of the band Soul Coughing)

Cee-Lo Green, the soul machine from Gnarls Barkley.

Bill Murray for laughs.

and finally.... Nathan Lane because he is my wife's favorite.

Shamara Williams 4 years ago

Top 5 would probably be:

Elizabeth Egan Gillies

Avan Jogia

Leon Thomas

Ariana Grande

Victoria Justice

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