I Am Not A Woman Honest

I swear I am not a woman.

I'm Not A Woman, Honest - Don't Get Me Started!

So I go to the gas station this morning and when I get out of my car I notice that the pumps states that it's on "stand-by" suddenly like the voice at a fast food drive in, I hear, "Ma'am, we're changing shifts but that pump will be ready for you in a minute, Miss." That's right, gender f**ked twice in a matter of seconds.

I began washing the windows of my car when I heard, "Ma'am, you can go ahead and start..." I turned to the small booth that housed the man behind the voice and he stopped dead and then said, "Oh sir? Um, the pump is ready."

I could write yet another blog about this but why should I when I've written it before...click here to read


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