Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children


These children have been coming to us for the past 30 years, so many of these children now have their own children. Life is changing, parenting is changing, the old way doesn't work anymore and there is more to it that the physical environment. Children know more than we give them credit for and if you have ever wondered if your child had any special "gifts" you may want to keep reading.

Spirituality is becoming a huge thing in today's worl, as the indigos get older and the crystals follow behind. The indigos will come in and knock down society as we knew it to let the crystals come spread the "word" and in a few years we will see the rainbows as grown ups here to rebuild the world into a more peaceful place.

What is an Indigo?

This was Written by: Wendy H. Chapman

"They have very unique characteristics that set them apart from previous generations of children. The name itself indicates the Life Color they carry in their auras and is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which represents intuition and psychic ability. These are the children who are often rebellious to authority, nonconformist, extremely emotionally and sometimes physically sensitive or fragile, highly talented or academically gifted and often metaphysically gifted as well, usually intuitive, very often labeled ADD, either very empathic and compassionate OR very cold and callous, and are wise beyond their years. Indigos have come into this world with difficult challenges to overcome. Their extreme levels of sensitivity are hard to understand and appreciate by parents who don’t share this trait.The Indigo Children are the ones who have come to raise the vibration of our planet! These are the primary ones who will bring us the enlightenment to ascend."

What is a Crystal

This was written by: Celia Fenn

"The first thing most people notice about Crystal Children is their eyes, large, penetrating, and wise beyond their years. Their eyes lock on and hypnotize you, while you realize your soul is being laid bare for the child to see.Crystal Children are blissful and even-tempered. Sure, they may have tantrums occasionally, but these children are largely forgiving and easy-going. The Crystals are the generation who benefit from the Indigos trailblazing. First, the Indigo Children lead with a machete, cutting down anything that lacks integrity. Then the Crystal Children follow the cleared path, into a safer and more secure world.Crystal Children’s innate spiritual gifts are also misunderstood. Specifically, their telepathic abilities which lead them to talk later in life."

What is a Rainbow

This was written by: Eriel Morningstar

"They will use their strong will and energy to build the new world on the foundation of peace and harmony the crystal children are laying down. And the crystal children are only able to lay down that foundation because the indigo children have already forged the path and broken down all of the old barriers!The word passionate does not even begin to describe [their] personality, [they] enter the world every day with a powerful energy, exerting [their] will, creativity and energy into everything [they do]. They are very attracted to colors and tend to be on the louder scale verbally. They tend to lack patience and have a high quality of natural healing."


Auras are our energy fields around ourselves all day everyday since birth and until death. They will change with our mood and they change with our spiritual growth. Generally we have a "life color" I like to call them, it can tell who we are deep in the soul. As we because more spiritually in-tune this color goes up the spiritual ladder of color. The colors of course start with red and end with the rainbow. Rainbow being the most spiritual.

Some say that and indigo, crystal and rainbow still possess another "life color" and the term indigo, crystal and rainbow is just a form of spirituality that is shown through the aura, i believe this is for the individual to decide, as i do not believe it matters at this time.

The purpose of learning our auras and our spiritual level is to be able to grow and become a better spiritual person. To better help our world in the transition, to better help those around us learning about spirituality for the first time and to better learn about ourselves, our true selves, the self we have been even before this present life.

Auras and Their Meanings

***I could not find a list that I felt was acurate so the following was compiled by me from Pagans Path and The Soul Element ***


Red is nature's warning color. Red can indicate a high level of emotion, such as anger, impulsiveness, aggression or hate. I think of red as "heat" and it can also indicate pain, swelling, or injury on the physical body. Red on occasion can indicate a very strong willpower or energy being directed to achieve a goal. This is usually seen as red ball type shapes in the upper part of the aura.

Can indicate fear or anger.

Vibrant Red: When seen in a clear, vibrant and constant state, it represents fear or strong anxiety.

Dull Red: Generally represents anger. The deeper the red, the stronger the emotion.

A Consistent Red: A consistent dark red indicates a violent nature, a selfish and deceitful attitude.

A Red Spike: A spike of red, either vibrant or dull in appearance, indicates the same meanings as above. However instead of representing the consistent nature of the subject, the spike indicates the sudden emotion in the current conversation or situation the subject is engaged in at that moment.


I always think of Orange as "outgoing", warm, spontaneous, courage, joy and someone very "social", they like to be around people. If a muddy shade of orange is seen on the body, nearing a brown color, this can mean a severe condition. Muddy shades elsewhere in the aura can indicate emotional imbalances, pride, vanity, worry, and around the head can mean "laziness". Pastel shades of orange can indicate searching for new spiritual paths, aspirations.

Confidence, ambition, pride.

Vibrant Orange: Indicates ambition, pride, self-sufficiency.

Dull Orange: A lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity


Yellow is a mental color in the aura. You will see this color around the head more often than probably any other color. It signifies concentration, thinking, learning, studying. It can also indicate spiritual development, usually on the very pale to white shades. The muddier shades of yellow can signify fussy, over analytical behavior. It can reflect being overly critical about others or life. It can also mean the need for attention, or feeling they need recognition.

Success, creativeness, jealousy, selfishness.

It has been my experience that a person with a thin line (1-4 inches) of yellow takes on the characteristics of this color in either their personal or professional life, but not both. A yellow aura wider then 5 inches, indicates characteristics in both aspects of the subjects life.

Vibrant Yellow: Clear yellow denotes intelligence, wisdom, and success.

Dull Yellow: A dull yellow indicates jealousy, a selfishness and negative outlook.


Nature's GROWTH color. I always think of growth when I think of green. It's the color of renewal, the color of healing. Many healers (doctors, psychiatrists, etc) have green in their auras. Most people with this color in their aura also have a balancing and calming effect on others. They are generally well balanced themselves, strong, straightforward and protective. They are generally concerned about the well being of everyone. The heart is the focus. The shades of bright green, almost a seafoam, that blends into an electric blue tend to be seen in those who have healing ability, healers who generally work with energy. I've also seen green in areas where people are healing from something, this can be on an emotional, physical or mental level.The muddier shades of green can indicate untrustworthiness, jealousy, and possessiveness.


Light Green shades, indicate the onset or potential for injury and the subject should be cautious for the next few weeks.

Darker Green shades, generally indicate the injury has already occurred and is in the process of healing.


The lighter brighter shades of blue, as found in the throat chakra, generally reflect a good imagination, creativity and good intuition. It's a calming and peaceful color. It can indicate the ability for clairaudience. The deeper shades of blue can indicate loneliness. The muddier shades can indicate blocked perceptions, worrying, over sensitivity, fearfulness. Royal Shades of blue indicate honesty, truth and good judgment.

Spiritually searching. A dissatisfaction or a feeling that there's something more.

Vibrant Blue: Pride, adoration, dedication.

A subject with any shade of the lighter blues is generally beginning their spiritual quest. (This does not mean a metaphysical quest, but rather a journey that will fill the 'missing' pieces of their current existence. This can just as easily be accomplished through any fundamental religion).

Darker blues typically indicate the subject has found their spiritual path and is continuing their education in the chosen realm.

Dull Blue: Taking life for granted, being too content, can appear to be selfish, narrow minded, arrogance, or self-righteous. There are many traits which accompany religious zeal, such as self-righteousness, dedication, pride, adoration and worship. These wide variations are usually indicated by some shade of blue.

Indigo, Violet, Purple

Spiritual Colors, associated with the Third Eye/Brow Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Basically spiritual knowledge put into action. these colors will be present in people who meditate a lot, channel, and work on spiritual purity. These colors I must note too are normally found around the head. Those who go from shades of violet into lavender and white have attained the highest spiritual path. The muddier shades can reflect erotic imaginations, overbearingness, needs for sympathy.

Heightened spiritual awareness, self-esteem, and high ideals.

Light Purple: People with lighter shades of purple are refining or polishing their spiritual nature. They are actively working on the balance of each aspect of their lives (personal, spiritual, professional), their attitudes and acceptance of others, and their existence with other life.

Mid-Dark: Teachers of their chosen spiritual path. They maybe working on a few issues of balancing, but for the most part, they are patient, kind, and willing to go out of their way for people.


Pink means compassion. It's associated with the heart chakra on an emotional level. It indicates and reflects love and a strong sense of companionship.

Affection, love, enjoyment, pity, guilt.

Vibrant Pink: Indicates love, affection and a resilient temperament.

Dull Pink: Denotes 'care with caution', pity or guilt.


Selfishness, deception, confusion or discouragement.

Light Brown: Indicates confusion or discouragement. The lack of confidence in ones self, the present situation or in the subject being addressed.

Dark Brown: Indicates selfishness, fault finding, and a tendency toward deception.


When white stands out in the aura, and I mean in a way that it is very apparent you are seeing an abundance of white, and not just white in the aura or a poor perception of the aura, this is indicating pure pranic energy, life force, truth and purity of spirit. This has been seen in yogis and gurus. It indicates that the energy of the individual is purifying and cleansing and of the greatest spiritual awakening. You may also witness white speckled lights around healers and mediums while they are healing or communicating. White speckled lights are a sign that spirit and healing energy are present. I've actually seen and witnessed this while at a John Edward seminar. It appeared as though someone had thrown glitter up around him with all of the little flashing sparkles of light around him. I've learned that I generally now see this when light beings or spirit is around, it's always an indicator for me.

Indicates purity and/or protection. When detected in the outer layers of the aura, can indicate an area of the body which has been over energized, or is overactive.


First, I'd like to say, black does not always mean death or terminal illness. Yes, it most definitely can indicate illnesses, diseases, injuries, and can indicate emotional imbalances such as depression. Yes, it is a warning sign in most cases, however, it is not the end all. It can also show holes in the aura, when detected by and worked with by those who have experience, can be closed and healed. So please, if you see black in someone's aura, please do not blurt out that they are going to die or they are terminally ill. I have seen spots or areas of darkness on individuals, it could be something as simple as a cold in the chest, or a spot where they've had their appendix out. Be careful how you represent this. If you see something that looks wrong, gently nudge them to see a doctor.

Indicates hatred, negativity, depression and miserly. When this appears in an aura, it is usually localized or appears as wisps floating through the aura.


Spiritual Strength, spiritual energy. A great protection color from negative energies too.


Silver, much like white, is the color of the highest spiritual energies or spiritual forces. The highest realms of spirit. and angelic kingdoms. You'll usually see this as twinkles or specks or flashes of light, similar to those I mentioned under "white". I've actually seen gold, silver and white sparkles where energies are concerned and they all seem to be of the same cause. Now, one interesting thing to note here, pregnant women will have silver sparkles in their aura, that does not mean that all women with silver sparkles are pregnant, but you will notice, pregnant women will have silver sparkles.

What I Feel

I did a lot of meditation on this subject as I hold it near and dear, i have 3 children, one an Indigo, one a Crystal, and one a Rainbow. However i didn't feel that was all they were. Sometimes i noticed the children taking on different characteristics and i wanted to know why, this is what i was shown.

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow But What's in Between

Written By: Danielle Garringer (Myself)

OK so here is the deal, I have read book after book and article after article and they all say, INDIGO, CRYSTAL and RAINBOW...And i have yet to figure out WHY its so black and white. It shouldn't be and i haven't seen it that way. For example EVERYONE else has more than ONE color Aura..when i first got mine read it was Green with Blue, Pink and Indigo. Green and Blue were the dominant colors and pink and indigo were a little. So WHY is it that our children are being labeled with only ONE color??

Ever since i have been reading these children and working on them (because my life path are these children) i have discovered something. There are transition children. Below is a list. It is the order that these children come to us. You may wonder what the difference between and Indigo/ Crystal and a Crystal/Indigo is...but its simple, The Indigo/Crystal has more indigo traits and the Crystal/Indigo has more Crystal traits. The Aura color listed first has the more dominant traits.

Now you will also notice that i wrote "the order we transition" That is because we can start out ANY aura color and as we grow spiritually we change into these more spiritual colors. We can all become indigo, crystal or rainbow, what makes the kids so special is they are BORN this way, they are BORN with all the spiritual knowledge that we had to gain to get to indigo. (hope that made sense)

The Order They Come to us, and The Order We Transition

  • Blue/Violet/Indigo
  • Indigo/Blue/Violet
  • Indigo
  • Indigo/Crystal
  • Crystal/Indigo
  • Crystal
  • Crystal/Rainbow
  • Rainbow/Crystal
  • Rainbow

The next thing i noticed was the correlation of the Mothers Auras and the child. As the mothers grow spiritually they will give birth to higher spiritual children for instance..

  • A mother who is Blue/Violet Will give birth to an indigo
  • A mother who is violet/indigo will give birth to a crystal
  • A mother who is crystal will give birth to a rainbow

Of course if the mother is in a transition period the child may be born with the transition colors too. Either way the child is always born more spiritual than the mother.

Lastly i would like to say all this is from my own research and observations, this is MY work and is not to be used for anything other than helping people grow spiritually, i am happy to share my findings as long as they are used for good and not stolen, if you share these i would appreciate if you could link to me or this page.

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Tammie 8 years ago

Thanks for that info:) Hehe Im Pregnant at the moment and have been seeing blue sparkles...on and i did with my first child got me thnking...

Kudzu Fire 8 years ago

more and more I try to see others as sources of spiritual light in the firmament.I try to see people as soft blue glows all around me

of course 7 years ago

please spell check this page. it;s really annoying.

Thank you ;) . . . . . duh

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West Virginia

What a great article and informative. I am an Indigo and my first child is an Indigo--only she doesn't accept that now. My youngest daughter--I have no ide what she is. That in itself perplexes me.

Rainbow Brite 7 years ago

Just a side note here - a child that is born with the gift of seeing auras but does not have a parent with the same gift or knowledge of said gift will develop his or her own meanings for the colors of auras.

Lady Guinevere profile image

Lady Guinevere 7 years ago from West Virginia

I can't see auras, but I do have this thing with associating a color with a person in my mind.

rvsource profile image

rvsource 7 years ago

Great blog!

My little girl I believe is an Indigo or possibly a Crystal. She has the big eyes that are endless when you stare into them. She is pretty mild tempered most of the time, but at night she can become absolutely HORRIBLE! When she makes her mind up that she doesn't want to do something, there is nothing that can be done. God himself couldn't get her to do what she doesn't want to do!! Well I'm sure he could, but I think you get my point.

I'm going to begin studying her aura. I never thought I could see an aura before, but I now know that I can. It's a matter of using your perifrial (spelling?) vision. You stare at the forehead and relax the rest of your body. It isn't long before you begin to see the colors. You can even see your own aura in the mirror. It takes just a minute to get your eyes properly adjusted. Usually my aura is yellow around my head and it begins to turn green by my ears to my neck.

Here is a good website that tells you how to see auras for those that are interested.


Anyone can see auras.

Ciencia y Espiritu 6 years ago

Dear Friends,

We see that you are dealing with the topic of indigo and crystal children.

During our last Congress of Science and Spirit that took place November 22, we had the chance to have with us

the crystal child (a woman already) Jessica Schab. She gave a wonderful speech with the tittle "My message to

Human kind", which was recorded in both English and Spanish.

Our goal and philosophy is to spread this information as much as possible. Therefore we send you the link, so

that you may include it in your web and/or send it as well through your net of contacts.

Here it is:

vimeo: in Vimeo (Complet)

In Youtube Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

We also had the chance to interview her on the radio program Onda Cero RAdio of Bacelona (See here) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Thank you for your attention, sincerely

The organization of

Jabez 6 years ago

My curiosity leads me to question if all of these children will be bringers of peace. If you are to look at this prophecy as a piece of literature with these children being the protagonists, what are/is the antagonist(s)? Is it simply the world as it is? Will there be a new set of children similar to these that may want something entirely different from what you believe these children are meant for? If you are serious to have a long discussion with me about this and you believe you may have something that is worth my knowing, you may contact me via e-mail. ( I look forward to putting an end to this lost feeling I have in this situation. I simply can't accept that this will roll over so peacefully or will be a "war" between these brilliant children and a mere disbelieving society. With how it is, it does not appear to be a realistic great change. If these children are viewed upon as "good" or, by some, even "angelic", there must be an "evil" or "demonic" force that will combat this change in the world. Logically, a somewhat equal force. If these children exist, that means a gateway has opened. They will not be the only ones to emerge.

Once more, my e-mail is

Jana12 6 years ago

Hi all - I am 58 yrs old and I'm an Indigo. The first time I really felt, and became aware, that I did not belong here on this planet Earth was as a young child, way back in the late 1950's when there was zero information regarding Indigo's/Crystals and so on. We didn't even own a TV at the time. As time went on, this feeling became even stronger. I did not know anything about Indigo's -- why I felt this way, why I was so different (not in a bad way, though) and I really did not want to be 'here'. I often had this feeling of wanting to go 'home'. Several years ago, I finally got the answers I was searching for over 50 yrs. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, 4 yrs ago, and knew (unlike most others) that I could not and would not survive the after-affects of the recommended surgery, chemo and radiation. So, I knew I had no choice but to heal myself. But how? I had to put my own Holistic plan together. It took me one yr to learn it, but I cured my own BC w/o any drugs or traditional methods. I had sensed that I would not survive the surgery and harsh, toxic treatments. I can't even drink alcohol, eat fast-food or take aspirin. Through this eye-opening healing journey, I met a Holistic doctor who told me I was an Indigo. I had never heard of this, so when I arrived home, I immediately looked up 'Indigo'. I was stunned. I fit 24 of the 25 characteristics (I'm not telepathic clairvoyant) I finally felt a sense of relief, a validation.

My previous job-related role required 'putting out fires', so to speak. I was a Corporate Mediator & Employee Relations Manager for many years, mostly in the Hi-Technology sector and some Bio-Tech Pharma as well. I learned that approximately one in every 12 people is a Narcissist and one in every 22 people is a Sociopath. The number of Psychopaths is unknown, but fits maybe about 1% of the population. I strongly believe that 'they', all combined, are all who is destroying the planet and the world. I'll put it this way, at this point in my life, I've had it up to my (almond-shaped) eye-balls with these sub-par, emotionally devoid people. There is NO cure. Don't believe it. It's a brain disorder. Now, I'm not suggesting this should happen, BUT, if they were ALL taken out to sea and drowned, we'd all be living in a 'Utopia', a 'Golden Age'. As I said, there's no cure, and all combined, they are very dangerous. They lack a conscience, they lack empathy. They are responsible for the suffering, poverty, economic collapse ... everything negative you can think of. 'They' run most of Corporate America, and most of the Medical, Pharmaceutical industries and Political, Legal and Banking systems. Everything 'they' oversee affects all of us everyday, in a very negative way.

30 years of dealing with 'these people' has taught me that that we are here to overtake 'them'. IMO, that's 'our' purpose. Jana

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