Traditional cure to Irregular Periods and Infertility

Bak Fong Yinn
Bak Fong Yinn

Do you have irregular menstruation?


Period is a phenomenon that occurs to all the adult females in the global. Alas, sometimes exclusions do occur. Menstrual periods also may be really irregular at the other end of the menstrual years. Many women realize that they are upcoming perimenopause and menopause when their otherwise usual periods become abnormal.

Irregular periods can be extremely tough or even unbearable to track. Irregular periods are common in unfertile women. However, many women are very confused about the relation between irregular periods and their infertility.

Irregular periods usually suggests that there are no ovulations (egg cell-expel) and without ovulation conception is impossible. You should check your progesterone level in the second half of the cycle. Irregular periods are often one of the first signs that a woman is approaches menopause. Though the right symptoms of irregular periods vary depending on a woman's special cycle, virtually all women will go through irregular periods for three to ten years before periods stop completely. Irregular periods are plainly what is irregular for you.

Irregular periods are a common circumstance in women and can be caused by many things. Your health care provider will want to be sure the source of the trouble is not associated to a complicatedness of a maternity, a trouble with the womb, ovary or a hormonal upset. Irregular periods mostly are different every month. You could hemorrhage heavier one month and then scarcely bleed at all the following.

Periods cycles that vary more than a few days in length from month to month are seen irregular cycles or periods. Most period cycle intervals take place about every four weeks, with the regular range between 24 and 35 days. Menstrual periods also may be very abnormal at the other end of the menstrual years. Numerous adult females see that they are approaching perimenopause and menopause when their otherwise regular periods became irregular. Menstrual cycles have two phases. The first, or proliferative phase, may vary from 13-20 days and finishes when ovulation takes place.

Using ancient Chinese herbal remedy is appears to be one of the most effective way to heal this irregular menstruation problem. In the Tang Dynasty, maifengdanyao, which has black chicken as its main element, was believed to be the cure-all medicine for gynaecological diseases.

The well-known medicinal book written during the Ming Dynasty titled Compendium of Materia Medica says that Taihe Old Chicken is a tonic and healthy food to treat women's diseases. Research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences indicates that black chicken has essential nutritional and medicinal value due to the unique natural conditions in Wushan, especially the Wushan spring water, which contains various minerals. It is said that the original silky fowls drink spring water, eat wild grass and worms in the forest there.

Black chicken comprises 18 kinds of amino acids (including the 8 essential amino acids for the human body);

vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E; niacin; protein; fat; calcium; phosphorus; iron; nicotinic acid; and more. Science Laboratory tests show that black chicken contains certain hormones, blue pigment and amino acids which are essential by the human body. These factors can increase blood cells and hemoglobin.

Bak Fong Yinn using Black chicken as one of the fundamental ingredient, is a kind of herbal formula that enhances women's health by alleviating problems like inefficient blood production, irregular menstruation, menstrual cramps (periods pain), white discharge, headaches, and poor skin condition. It also promotes a fast recovery after childbirth and sickness.

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leslie 6 years ago

I just have to say that I do not agree with half of these statements. have had irregular periods since I was very young. I am even very fertile, but I just have irregular periods and I am no where near menopause.

Lindy 6 years ago

My case is peculiar,l'm just 26yrs old,since 13, l stay 2months,sometimes 3months without seeing my period.recently,l see it once or twice a year.infact since febuary,l've not seen my period.l tried so many gynochologist but no wayout..please what do l do?

Tina 5 years ago

I agree i have a five year old and i still have irregular periods every month i don't know when they are going to start or when they are going to end..

jenny 5 years ago

Im 15 and I haven't had my period for over 3months some of my friends say to take birthcontrol but I don't know how to bring it up to my family specially my mom an dad

Jossy 4 years ago

Most of the write up tally with my circle especially Lindy's but i'm scared that it might affect my chances of been fruitful.please is there hope for me to have regular menstruation?

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