Is Skype On The Level

I have been using Skype for about two years. It works great on a high speed DSL connections. I use it for almost all my long distance calling to people who do not have Skype. This feature is called SkypeOut and allows me to call landline and mobile phones. Almost a year ago I purchased the Skpe Unlimited plan for about $25 which gave me unlimited SkypeOut calling for US and Canada. The new program is called Skype Pro and is $3/month and includes calls to landlines and cell phones in Canada and US.

When I am using my home Internet connection the quality has been great nearly all the time. Very occassionaly there can be a slight echo. Sometimes hanging up and calling again solves the problem, just like a regular phone. Mind you, I had a really bad echo just this week with on overseas call on my cell.

When I am travelling on business and using the wireless internet connection in the hotel, the quality can be less, especially if there is a weak signal or a slow connection. Sometimes just moving my laptop a foot or so will make a huge difference.

I have used a headset right from the start and usually it is like talking on a regular phone. I used the built-in microphone and speakers a few weeks ago and the person I was calling noticed a difference.

For the price it is unbeatable compared to regular long distance. I made the mistake of using my calling card from the hotel and I did not dial the 800 number for the phone company. A 2 minute call within the province cost me $2.40! Skype at $3/month is a bargain.

There are many other features which I have not used so I cannot coment.

I have recommended Skype to my family and business associates.


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