This is taken not from the New Testament or the Gospels but from the Old Testament from the Book of the Prophet ISAIAH. To show you that seven hundred years before the actual birth of the CHRIST, his mission was already revealed to the prophet. This is just one prophecy in the Old Testament that testifies that the man they called Jesus who died two thousand years ago in Mount Golgotha through crucifixion is no other than the MESSIAH. He is the SON of the LIVING GOD..

Who is this who comes from Edom, from the city of Bozrah, with his clothing stained red. Who is this in royal robes , marching in the greatness of his strength ?

"It is I, the Lord, announcing your salvation ! It is I the Lord , who is mighty to save. "

ISAIAH 63 : 1

Prophet Isaiah saw the coming of the Savior, the Lord JesusChrist. With his garments stained crimson portrays what what JesusChrist has done for us. Christ is clothed with the garments of righteousness, He is so pure, so holy, spotless and unblemished with sins. Crimson stain represents the sinfulness of men . Remember what Christ has done for us, he bore all our sins on the CROSS. He numbered himself among the outcasts of men, the thieves and the sinners. He died the death of the world's worst sinner yet without sin and blameless..He is clothed with majesty and power. He has so much awesome power yet humbled himself and clothed Himself with frail humanity. He humbled Himself to the uttermost, to the point of death, so horrible to describe. What an awesome Humility of Christ.

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JosiahOneil 8 years ago

The revelation of God to man is truly evident, in all things; scripture, creation, poeples lives...It is only up to mankind to reach out in faith and embrace it. Knock and it shal be answered unto you, sek and you shall find.

Josiah   Isaiah 53:5 But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks Josiah for taking time to read this hub. Thanks for the additional insight. May you be blessed always.

Wehzo 8 years ago

Very insightful Cristina327. Isaiah 63 is one of those places in biblical history that was to help point us to the true messiah, which is why it was so devastating when Israel, as a nation, missed him. God bless you Cristina327.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks Wehzo for appreciating this hub. Remain blessed.

archturn profile image

archturn 8 years ago

Hi Cristina

I believe Isa 63 is not so much pointing to the redemption of Jesus but rather His judgemnet. Compare Isa 63 with Rev 19:11-13. The robes dipped in blood are Him trampling the "grapes of wrath". Yes? Isa 63 is really a terrifying image of His Judgement. Isa 53 is the perfect picture of His Redemption.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks archturn for taking time to read this hub and thank you for sharing your insight. It is highly appreciated.

SirDent 8 years ago

The Word of God will bring life to those who believe it and death to those who don't. In order to live one must first die just as a seed dies before it germinates to become a plant. The death is the desire of the flesh to sin. The plant is the spirit which wants God. Jesus is the ground that is fertile for planting and will raise up plants for harvest. Isaiah saw this, as did many others throughout the Old Testament.

Jesus has always been and always will be. Thank you for keeping the faith and posting this hub.

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks Sirdent for a great and rich insight.thanks also for appreciating this hub.

Remain blessed always.

ColeMartin profile image

ColeMartin 8 years ago from Orange County, CA

Cristina327 nice hub. Thank you

cristina327 profile image

cristina327 8 years ago from Manila Author

Thanks ColeMartin for taking time to read this hub.

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