Joel Comm Adsense Secret 4 Review

Joel Comm Adsense Secret 4 Review

Joel Comm Adsense Secret 4 Review.Joel Comm has just realeased a new Adsense book.Joel Comm his an expert on Adsense Joel has written many books on the subject Joel was on the New York best sellers list for his book Adsense secrets.

Joel has done many sold seminars through out the United States Of America where Joel his consider a Guru on Adsense this was why l was supress when l heard that Joel was giving his new book Joel Comm Adsense Secret 4 away for free.

This is un heard of because Joel could charge a premium for this book and make million of dollars.Anyone who his starting out in building Adsense sites for a living his a must read by doing a few changes that Joel recommending in his last book which l had to buy from amazon it made a very big differance to my Adsense earning thanks Joel.

The reason Joel his very good at Adsense is because he studies his stats very well and this is one of the short fall people make when they start a Adsense site one of the things l picked up was to make sure what ever site you were building make sure the keyword words are in the domain name and in you h1 tag on your website.

this his very important and make sure when you start linking your site that you use text links this will help you a lot with your adsense sites Joel Comm Adsense Secrets is a must he his giving it away

Joel Comm Adsense Secrets


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