Preparing For An Interview—The Importance of Appearance

"Dress for Success."

Most people have heard and seen this slogan on television, in magazine articles, in fashion stores. It's become such a common refrain it has nearly lost its meaning. But for you, a wise job-hunter, it's worth taking seriously!

Today's culture is inundated with a 'look' that ranges from casual to grunge. Rarely do you see a truly smart dresser except in the pages of fashion magazines. Women often show up at the theater, office, or fine restaurant in jeans and sliders.

Some men slip into work environments looking as though they just rolled off the couch after a late-night movie. Shirts are rumpled. Pants bag or fall off hips. Hair needs a good combing. Not everyone, of course, but enough to make you wonder.

Imagine the stir you could create if you walked into a hiring manager's office dressed appropriately for the job you wish to get.


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