Kawasaki Ninja 250R - The dream sportsbike coming to india soon.


India is become the fertile ground for automobile market. So far Indian two wheeler market has not seen the real POWER BIKE though many youngster desire to hang out in Sports bilkes...atlast the dream is going to fulfill with the latest Auto Expo at Delhi. Many things revealed in this Auto expo nothing got much attention as that of the anouncement of KAWASAKI NINJA in indian Roads by 2008 mid.

This is a glad news for all guys waiting for a big bike... feedback further commens that 35% of Ninja 250 owners are females in abroad!

New Ninja has undergone tremendous change when compare to previous models.

New-for-2008 features include:

New bodywork.

Revised dual overhead camshafts and a new 2-into-1 exhaust system for more low and mid-range torque from the dual-carbureted 249cc DOHC parallel twin-cylinder engine.

Refined intake and exhaust ports for improved off-idle response and smooth power delivery.

Reduced engine noise via an automatically adjusting cam chain tensioner.

A new fairing and windscreen for improved wind protection.

A new 37mm telescopic front fork with firm settings.

New, larger 17" wheels with low-profile tires.

A larger 290mm front brake rotor.

We may appreciate the effort of Bajaj for bringing Baby ninja to india as CKD( more details on CKD visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complete_knock_down) form from Thailand to save costom duties. The price of Ninja 250R is not yet confirmed though different sources makes difference guess work. We may hope that price will not go beyond 1.5 - 1.75 Lakhs!

No doubt Kawasaki Ninja 250 is going to Rock!!!

Baby ninja is the most widely used sports bike in US 13 comments

sidhartha 8 years ago

i m desperately waiting for this bike and as it launches i want to buy it

pebble 8 years ago

why would anybody be interested to know if you are plannin on gettin this bike?

vasudev 8 years ago

What will be the price range for this bike (Ninja R250).

Iwould like to buy it by the next year.

truereason 8 years ago

Price is still a mystry as R15 cost 1.07 for 150 cc>>>...???

wild rocks 8 years ago

dude wuld b intrested 2 noe d price of the bike

Sachin Bhosale 7 years ago

I am guy who is still driving Kawasaki Model Bike from Bajaj, I was desperately waiting for any type of Kawasaki, espeacially NINJA

shubham 7 years ago

guys are u sure dat da bike iz gonna hit da indian roads????i mean would it come to india or not?????when is it expected to land in india and what would be da cost of itr??????

ENOCH 7 years ago


jagdish 7 years ago

hope this bike wil met in hell

!! 7 years ago

Price @ Chennai 2,96,971 INR

truereason profile image

truereason 7 years ago from Kerala India Author

is it on the road

Manas Samal 6 years ago

I want K. ninja 250R in orissa ....

vinay 6 years ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hoooooooooooooo ninja is here

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