Know about tyres

I have received this info from my friend.... Just wanted to share with our hubbers.....

Many of us are not aware of this information (including me before seeing this), now get to know about the facts about tyres.

For safe driving

  • Check the inflation pressure before you drive.
  • Concentrate on driving, not on mobile phones, pedestrians or other distractions.
  • Don't drink and drive (repetitive statement :-)).
  • Obey traffic rules.
  • Always signal the vehicles before you turn, stop, start ...


For long life and best performance

  • Correct inflation is essential for the performance and long life of the tyre. It is needed for the ride quality and safety of your vehicle as your tyre carry the entire weight of your vehicle. It cannot do its job properly when underinflated or overinflated.
  • Always use new tube for new tyre.
  • Use correct tyre and rim.
  • Maintain the inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacture. 

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