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 Kyani is a 3 year old company headquartered in Idaho FallsIdaho. Kyani has been purchased by the Hanson and the Taylor families. These two families are very successful in the business world. They are very successful in the Hotel, Petroleum, Agricultural industries. They own and operate the Marriott and Fairchild hotel chains, Phillips 66 petroleum, and multiple agricultural farms. They have now turned there attention to the functional beverage industry, by the purchasing of Kyani. 


Their immediate impact is being felt in the competitive antioxidizing juice industry, by bringing in the top industry leaders and giving them the best tools to work with. Leaders such as Micheal Breshears, as Chief Executive Officer, Kirk Hanson as Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder, & Investor, Greg Petralia as Vice President of Marketing, Steven Hatch as Vice president of international Operations, Joe Olivas as US Country Manager, Jason Freckleton as Chief Financial Officer, And Dr. Abbas Qutab as Head of Medical & Science Board. So you can see they are very serious about making Kyani another one of there successful business ventures to add to their impressive business portfolios.

To read more and see just how this pertains to you as to becoming part of this successful team and your future you can log onto or call 1-877-471-8633 to speak to a Kyani Representative

Joe Hurley

Kyani Attracts Industry Leaders

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