LDAP with JavaScript

Simple LDAP Query Using JavaScript

Another (static) web-based LDAP query tool, using very simple JavaScript coding to create an ``LDAP URL'', is similar to initial static web-based QLANADMIN.

  • Uses simple HTML ``form'' to accept single user search value, using a single input field
  • Uses simple JavaScript code to format a new ``LDAP'' URL

    var sSearchURL = "ldap://<LDAP host>/


    var URLsuffix = "dc=" + form.SearchData.value;

  • Causes web browser to change to the new URL, which causes the LDAP query to be performed

    document.location = sSearchURL URLsuffix;

  • Displays all data exactly as returned from LDAP server (``raw'' format)
  • Easy and quick to develop, though result display is not the best
  • Can provide LDAP access to user with no access to LDAP distribution
  • Does not require an intermediate Web server

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