Traditional medicine had in the past been seen as a fetish way of curing diseases. It is believed that poor and illiterate individuals are the patronisers of traditional medicine. This thought is buttressed by the point that most of its practioners were regarded as witch doctors who took care of their petient with occultic powers. Practioners of traditional medicine were not in any way seen as doctors; even the western trained doctors saw them as a threat to the well being of their patient.

This situation is gradually changing as traditional medicine is now receiving wide acceptance, the general notion of peoples mind about traditional medicine are now being erased. The truth is, traditional medicine involves the use of natural things(mostly plants) to cure varoius diseases. There are no synthetic or artificial additives in traditional drugs. In Nigeria, trained pharmacist now make research on different herbs and their capability to cure specific illeness. The result is that orthodox doctors now precribe traditional drugs to their patients and the improvement has always been fast.

While it is recognised that there are quacks among traditional medicine men, the regulatory agencies have kept them minimal.It is now accepted that traditional medicine has a role to play in developing the country.There are parastatal of government that are involved with researches on traditional medicine. Their researches have revealed amazing result. Traditional madicine has been successful in solving problems of female infertility. There are also herbs that conquer chronic sickness like diabetics and high blood pressure. Leaves of local plants are soaked in water, the water now rich in nutrient from the plant can be drunk, the result of this treatment has been favourable in all cases with no side effects.Malaria, one of the leading causes of death in this country also has its traditional remedy.Conventional antimalaria drugs are proving less effective and traditional drugs cures it thoroughly.

In all , traditional medicine has come a long way, but is not anywhere near it destination. There should be public enlightment about the effect of taking drugs that contain mineral content (i.e synthetic). The end result are terminal diseases like cancer, brain tumor and many others that can be avoided. Since traditional medicine comes only from the natural world, man should use it for both preventive and curative medicine

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