Lady Punch

How to Stop Gossip...

This video has been an Internet phenomenon since it was first aired on YouTube. The video depicts a teenager's mom at a PTA conference, who overhears two women gossiping about her daughter. One woman continues to exclaim that, "Terry (the Lady's daughter) had THC (a chemical in Pot) in her system." If you've seen the video than you know what happens next...but for those of you that missed this video -- trust me it lives up to its name, "Lady Punch." To me this video is a symbol of why gossip can be very dangerous, and why people should always be careful not to anger someone...otherwise YouTube might find a place for you among other people who rest in its hall of fame.

The video also became a hit for computer programmers who have edited "Lady Punch" into their own creations. Below is the original video along with its many counterparts...

Please laugh and enjoy!!!

Original Video

Franz Ferdinand Remix

Special FX Version

Foreign Edit

Fast & Slow Motion Remix

Dancing Lady Edit

Batman Punch

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C Jacobs 9 years ago

I almost s*** myself watching these vids.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 8 years ago from Pennsylvania

Darn, the original one was removed.

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