Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga 100: Jedi Destiny Free Play

Go down the steps and go the right. Use a thermal detonator to blow up some metal cans, and then assemble a grapple point. Taking that grapple point up will reveal the Second Canister.

Go to the elevator in the center of the room, and throw a thermal detonator on the shiny stripe. You will blow up a section of it, and you will have the Third Canister.

Go left of that elevator area, and you will see a bounty hunter door. Go ahead and open it, then parts of a Threepio panel will fall out. Assemble the Threepio panel, and then a bridge will extend to another area. Go ahead and assemble the Fourth Canister there.

If you go to the right of the elevator, you can use the dark side on a red panel, which will fall on the floor. Assemble that into a stepping stone, and then use that to jump up to the next level. Hover over until you can get the Fifth Canister.

You will find a doorway leading to the next room. Go ahead and blast all the panels here, and then you will step on the places to make them all green. Once they are all green, you will have the Sixth Canister. For some reason, I wasn’t able to get this Canister the first time, and I think it had something to do with not having a character who could blast things.

On the other side of this room, you will need to blast the panels on the right side, and you will have a small character door. Push a crate off a height, and it will blow up. You can then start assembling it there. Blast that, and it will open the door.

Go in and head for the left corner, and use the Sith Force on the wall. You will see the Canister surrounded by a red shield. A thermal detonator on one of the strips on the wall. Some parts for a panel for an Artoo unit will spill out, and you easily assemble it. Use Artoo to open it, and you will have access to the Seventh Canister.

You will then need to stack some chairs on each other, and then jump up on them. You can assemble a door here, but you won’t be able to enter it as yet. What you need to do is go into the corner and pull the lever. Some stuff will fall but don’t worry about that for now. You need to blow up the metal strips in that corner with thermal detonators, and then the Sith Force will make that small character door work. Enter in, and blast the metal area with a thermal detonator. Go ahead and get the Eighth Canister.

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walker 7 years ago

whers the 9th and tenth minikit

??? 7 years ago

i could only see caniseters 2 to 8, is there any reason why?

yidoa 6 years ago

Where is 9th and 10th canisters?

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