Letters from Amos Jebediah Lee - Meet the Wives

I was gonna play a fiddle for you while you're here, maybe get us a piece of blueberry pie too.

My Dearest Sweet Friend Bucky,

You know I always considered you my kinfolk. You wanted to see some pictures of the family. I hope you and Bumpus are alright. You ever get that truck running again? I got parts, just holler at me. These here my wives, the one on the far right is my sister, her name is Abigail. We don't talk much about them things. The one in the middle is my other wife Darlene. She's a bit slow but she's on some medicine for that. You ever want some cornbread and beans Marla Sue can fix it right up. She's my wife on the left. She cooks some mean pork chops too.

Ya'll come on down here to Utah and stay awhile. Hell, we even got brand new state of the art DerectTV. High definition video. 1080 something. It's real good. I can't recall the name of it. They put a big ole satellite in the sky, and it beams it down to Earth kind of like a Martian would. Laser beams and microwaves. It's wild, I put a big ass' receiver on the barn out back. It comes in great. Frank is done moved out of Momma's old trailer. It's vacant if you want it. I'll hook you up so you get all the nudy channels. Alright now. Best git on back to work. Ya'll are in my heart like butterflies, fluttering in the wind. I am a just wild buffalo on the prairie for your sweet love.

I do declare that's the prettiest smile I've ever seen in my whole life. Want me to dance for you? I'll do it. Don't get me started now. Darlin' I'm a dance hal

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