Life Lessons :O

Life Lessons

" The journey of life is marked with unexpected twists and turns that surprise us and keep life interesting. The plots of the stories you read all have twists and that will intrigue and surprise you....and in some cases shock you." Yet, the most interesting story is yours to write. For it is the best story ever told.

Since " thinking things over and deciding for oneself are freedoms that people value," life can never be completed without embracing our rights and freedoms. And so we are obligated to fight for these rights. For we live in a time where me , myself, and I remain the center of the universe. And thus, we are obligated to give up our personal desires, by looking beyond our needs and seeking the greater good .And in the "greater good" I mean the public benefit not only yours!! For once in your life time I ask you to put away your needs and seek other's happiness.

And yet, " making choices is the most difficult aspects of life." And because of that I beg you to be wise while making your decisions. "Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry!"And that's immortality to me!!

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