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"The greatest inspiration on Earth is something practical, something that really works." ~ Vernon Howard.

Spiritual teacher, author and philosopher, Vernon Howard, was a man who impacted the lives of thousands of people with his Work. He had a knack for presenting the wisdom brought down through the ages by the greatest philosophers and sages, in clear and practical terms.

He spoke and wrote numerous books on the subjects of stress, anger, anxiety, improving relationships, understanding the root cause of all negativity, and realizing the beautiful possibility of transcending all that pains us.

He was a great inspiration for those deeply wishing to understand the true meaning of life here on earth, and thereafter, and his work is alive today. We have the opportunity to continue to learn from him through his writings and recorded talks.

Many of my Hubs are dedicated to Vernon Howard's beautiful and comprehensive work and includes some of my most favorite and inspiring quotes from his books. (See Vernon Howard Quotes here.)

Vernon Howard was born in 1918 in Massachusetts. As a young boy his family moved to southern California where he grew up. He started his career as an author in the 1940s, and got his first book published on May 15, 1945. From 1945 until 1973 he wrote over 65 popular humor and children's books. During 1958 some of his books started taking on a theme related to the question of personal success and it was on September 27, 1965, with the publishing of Psycho-Pictography, that Vernon Howard's books clearly reflected a break through into another world - far above earthly success and failure.

This sparked the beginning of his teachings on personal inner development-- and the need for spiritual and psychological understanding in order for a real change to take place in an individual. He wrote over 24 books and booklets and recorded thousands of talks on his love, real self-change.

Though Vernon Howard did not subscribe to a specific religion or philosophy, the heart of his teaching corresponds with the hearts of all great teachings throughout the ages-- Christianity and the Gospels of the New Testament, Eastern philosophies, Gurdjieff's Fourth Way teachings, and many others.

Vernon Howard died in 1992, but as I said above, his work is alive today, and its light continues to be there to provide illumination to our deepest problems.

You can visit Life with Vernon Howard for an archive of the Work that Vernon Howard brought to this world.

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I am grateful for the sharing of this material, thank you so much!

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