Look Ma I Got The Blue Prints To a Military Base

Google Maps... A little too much info?

Today I was on Google Maps and I stumbled upon something very interesting. I basically found the blueprints to the base which I used to be stationed at (Fort Drum,NY). I would have figured this should be a huge national security issue but then I figured how dangerous is it for a few terrorists to have maps of our military installations can't be too dangerous right?(The last little bit was supposed to be sarcastic if you didn't already know) 

I wonder if this is an invitation for terrorist made especially by our government I mean how could they just overlook something as serious as this. Now that you know how well our homeland security is really operating I hope you can sleep well at night. 

Fort Drum Ny 13602 on Google Maps
Fort Drum Ny 13602 on Google Maps
Close up of Fort Drum NY 13602
Close up of Fort Drum NY 13602

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TheMoneyGuy profile image

TheMoneyGuy 8 years ago from Pyote, TX

Should tell you that terrorist are an illusion and pose no real threat, or else I am sure you wouldn't be able to get a map.


unknown 4 years ago

oooo the base ,,,, hehehehe

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