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Love Thy Neighboris a rich and terrifying account by Peter Maas about his time covering the Bosnian War in the early nineties. This is a life experience hiding in the form of a book. While it is full of disturbing and intamate details about the war specifically but at its core this is an account of the insanity of man, the horror of ethnic war, and one of the most in depth looks at what drives a modern civilized human society into a barbaric horde.

Maas went into Bosnia unaware of what was happening, he had to slowly allow his brain to catch up with everything all around him. In the books haunting first chapter he speaks of the smell of animals, that he had never before smelled anything like the refugees that were pouring into Croatia. Dangerous trips into death camps, no man's land, and Saraejvo follow. Encounters with Serbs, Bosnians, Croatians, amd U.N. soldiers leave the line between who is good and who is evil forever blurred. The book walks the line between this dynamic exploration of right and wrong, humanity and brutality, truth and lies, without ever treading into the deplorable realm of preaching. Maas seems almost ashamed of himself when he looks back on how be behaved, far from taking the holyier than thou road he takes the opposite track, a look at how we all looked the other way for so long in this conflict. In the end this was a war that brought ethnic cleansing back to Europe at the end of the twentieth century and Maas wants to know why?

A book like few others I have ever picked up. This was a dynamic read that forced me to slow down and look at life in another way.

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Earth Angel 8 years ago

GREAT first Hub Sean!! Welcome to HubPages!! Keep writing!! I LOVE book reviews!! Especially for books that make us think!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

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