Low Cost Portable Invisible Fences

We want to get a dog soon; however we do not have a fence. The city we live in frowns on them and it takes a rather in depth process to get approved to put one in. And of course putting in an actual fence is costly, time consuming and frankly - hard work.

A very popular option around here is invisible fencing. Typically this involves putting in wires under the ground. This is expensive and it tears up the yard to some extent. I have looked into paying someone to put in an invisible fence and it was upwards of $2000. I could actually put in a real wooden fence for cheaper than that - if I could get approved.

I finally found a cheaper option for invisible fencing. PetSafe is a company that makes portable invisible fences. The system is completely wireless. You plug in the system inside your house, near where you want the boundaries of the fence to be. It covers an adjustable area up to 180 feet or 1/2 acre.

You can purchase multiple collars and have as many pets as you want contained by the same system. The system transmits with the collars the animals wear and start beeping when they reach the boundaries. There are five levels of correction with the system, plus a tone only mode.

I really like the looks of this system for several reasons. The price is right! The stores around me sell the system for under $300, which is so much cheaper than the under ground invisible fences. I also really like that you can take the system with you. If we were to move, we wouldn't be starting over with getting a fence put in. Also, if we were to go visit someone that didn't have a fence and wanted to take the dog, we could. I also really like the tone only mode.

PetSafe is a great portable, invisible fence system. Check the website to find a store near you that sells this item. That is another thing I like. I could just go and buy it whenever I want and "install" it in minutes. I personally know people that use this system and it works great for them and their two dogs.

When we do get a dog, this is the top option for fencing that we are considering. It is the cheapest option in fencing by far and for those that don't like the looks of a real fence, this could solve that problem. If you have been needing to put a fence in for your animals, this could be the option for you.

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nancydodds1 profile image

nancydodds1 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

Its nice information. Yes you need dog because you dont have any fencing to your house.

queenmotherof5 8 years ago

Invisible Fence is owned by PetSafe whch is owned by Radio Systems Corporation. There are many companies who will install a pet fence at a fraction of the Invisible Fence Brand - the best - In my opinion is Innotek which is under the Radio Systems umbrella. A good installer in a fairly dry yard should not tear up your yard. The wireless systems Will Not work through a refridgerator or freezer in your home or garage - leaving a dead space in your yard.

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