Lush, The Sicilian Bath Bomb

A Citrus Wonerland

Let me just tell you about the most ultimate bath I have ever had in my life. It was like soaking in a tub filled with warm freshly squeezed oranges. A little tropical paradise of my own, and the best thing about came packed in a 6.3 ounce bath bomb.

Lushes The Sicilian Bath Bomb!!!!

The bath bomb came packaged in clear wrap, with an easy to read slit of paper that clearly labels the bomb The Sicilian; it also includes all of the ingredients on the bomb. For large orders you make online, you will be grateful for the added piece of paper, because sometimes the bombs look alike.

The Sicilian in particular has a faded pastel yellow color to it. Upon examination it appeared that the bomb had small pieces of something within it. Lush is legendary for doing such things; adding little tidbits of herbs or spices within their bombs. To me its like an added little mysterious bonus.

In The Sicilians case, these added extras were pieces of orange pulp.

After I added it to my bath tub, it was clear that the middle of the bomb contained yet another treat; an actual slice of orange.

Now out of the package The Sicilian Bath Bomb didn't smell of much, but as soon as it hit the water it was as if someone had just squeezed a bucket or oranges on top of me. The scent of oranges was not fake, commercial or unnatural in the least bit. It was like inhaling 100% pure orange juice.

The scent was impeccable.

Let me tell you how my skin feels though.

In the bath, the tub didn't really turn into a silky paradise like other bombs can do, but my God my skin was so clean, and felt so moisturized and soft after drying up.

For an even extra added bonus, I suggest you use Lushes Lemon Peel Soap. It really adds to the whole citrusy wonder.

If you love the scent of oranges, than The Sicilian will not disappoint. It is so far one of the best bombs I have used yet, and I have used quite a lot of Lushes bath bombs. The Sicilian tonight managed to grab the number 1 spot on my list.

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