Can you imagine this person in the photograph is a Physically Challanged !! ( that's me! )

I am Arun Adhyam Rao, physically challenged male, aged 34, residing in India, Maharastra, Pune. I am interested to take up modeling for still photography. I am mobile with support, if there are outdoor shootings. With all my disabilities, I have swam for three hours non-stop in 1990. The two leading Newspapers of India, namely ' The Times of India ' published my achievement by describing ' Disabled swimmer Steals limelight ' and the second Newspaper ' The Indian Express ' described ' Arun Rao swims to glory '. My second achivement : River Rafting. We were holidaying in a forest resort in Maharastra [Central India] known as Dandelli. Next to our tented accomodation, the furious 'Kali River' was flowing and the rafting activities were going on. Without a moments hesitation we decided to go in for rafting. With hesitation and discussions the coach agreed and put me in the boat. I didn't have much to do but to cling on to the boat and give a proper jump at all the nine rapids we crossed. OH... It was the greatest time of my life. I attempted learning Horse-riding as a theraphy. The two falls from the horse is still in my memory till date! And now, I want to get into the exciting world of modelling. My portfolio is ready. Eagerly waiting for my lucky stars will provide me a break through in advertising agencies. Hopefully, my portfolio is attractive.


I want to succeed doing the impossible things with all my disabilities.

If interested, kindly contact me at

If you want to view some more of my photographs, I will forward them to you.

Plz. Help me out in the modelling world. Modelling for Physically Challenged people has taken place in Japan, so why not in India ?

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vijaylakshmi 8 years ago

Hi Arun,

Your willpower is amazing ,so I am sure this article surely should attract some modelling agency,you are good looking ,so I am sure u will be able to go places. Yes India is slightly backward in terms of opportunities and faclities for physically challenged places,but as rightly said it is never too late.

all the best


nicks 8 years ago

hey arun, so did u get any modelling assignments ?

i'm too physically challenged and would like to try modelling, if u did, do let me know too how and where.

thanks dude.

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