Make Your Home's Entry More Inviting

Your home's entry is the first impression visitors get into your personality and style. Does your entry welcome guests, or does it merely serve as a way to get into the house? If you have little more than a plain old porch and a front door, this article will show you how to create a more welcoming entry.

Color Cues

The focal point of any home's entry is the front door. If the door is plain old white, or a bit rough looking, or painted a color that totally clashes with the rest of the house (or that you just hate!) it's time to change it. First, consider which colors you love, whether they're hot, exciting colors or cool tranquil shades. Which of these will work with the rest of your home's exterior? A trip to the paint store will be in order here. Cruise the paint section, picking up swatches for any colors that interest you. Take them home, hold them up to your house's exterior siding or brick as well as trim. Once you find one that works, go with it.

Greenery Works

Porch steps just seem to cry out for plants. Front steps lined with overflowing pots of colorful annuals, interesting foliage, or even herbs and vegetables do a perfect job of shouting "hey! someone lives here!" For a successful entry plant display, first consider the conditions. Is your front porch or entry in full sun, or do large trees shade your house? Do you have easy access to hoses or spigots for watering? Next, consider containers. Terra cotta, plastic, glazed, rustic troughs, found objects...anything goes. Remember, this is about injecting your personality into the entry of your home, so go with what you love. You have a plethora of plants to choose from. Just make sure they'll thrive in the conditions you have, and have fun picking them out. If you can't have a lot of bloom because you have too much shade, work with foliage color and texture. It can be just as interesting as flowers.

Jewelry for Your Entry

Just as any outfit can be punched up with a necklace, nice shoes, or earrings, the little details can just make your home's entry sing. Look at things like your mailbox, house numbers, porch light, even the front door handle. Do these things reflect your personality and style? If not, replace them. Home centers have these items in almost any style imaginable, and if you're the creative type, you can certaily handcraft something appropriate.

Invite Visitors to Take a Load Off

If you have a generous-sized front porch, consider adding some outdoor furniture to the area. A small bistro set conjures images of relaxing morning coffees or evening drinks, a pair of rocking chairs invites long, relaxed conversations. A porch swing is a nostalgic, functional item. A small table or two, some candles (maybe citronella if you will be using the porch in the evening) and whatever little items you'd like to add will all make your porch welcoming, and invite people to stop by and visit. Along with this whole "decorating" idea, consider the floor. If you have a large porch, an outdoor rug will work wonders for making it feel like another room of your home. If you don't have a large area to work with, the ubiquitious welcome mat is always a good idea.

The front porch and entry are much more than a way to get into the house. With these tips, you'll have an entry that truly reflects your personality and invites your friends and family into your home.

Cheerful pots of petunias definitely help an entry feel more welcoming.
Cheerful pots of petunias definitely help an entry feel more welcoming.

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