Man-made Islands of UAE

Development Projects in Dubai and Man-made Islands

Recent fast track development initiatives in Dubai resulted in meny imaginative projects of unprecedented scale. construction of several man-made islands inside the sea also was among them. Three such projects namely, The Palm Jumeira, The Palm Jebel Ali and The Palm Deira are being constructed in the form of large Date Palms. Large numbers of prestiges buildings are planned on these islands. these include, luxury residences, leisure facilities, hotels, entertainment centres etc. It is said that these projects would add more than 500 km. of additional costline to Dubai. Another islans complex is built in the form of a world map. This has been named as The World. This project consists of about 300 islands, each with an area of 23,000 to 84,000 square meters. Dubai Water Front Project also consists of several artificial islands. Once this project is completed, it is expected to be the largest man made water front in the world.

Articicial Islad Projects in Dubai
Articicial Islad Projects in Dubai
Palm Jumeira
Palm Jumeira


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