Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dresses for Every Occasion

Maternity dresses used to be limited to shapeless cotton tents that were made of atrocious patterns straight out of a "What Not to Wear" episode. But now, there are many different styles of dresses for the new mother to wear during and after her pregnancy. Maternity fashion has evolved considerably over the past decade and has begun to make a serious impression upon retailers who are demanding versatile maternity clothing for any event. There is a wide assortment of styles, sizes and patterns now readily found in retail stores and on the internet for any taste or budget.

Most women own a dress or two. Some wear dresses and skirts on a daily basis as part of their lifestyle choice, while others may wear dresses only on occasion. Loose cotton dresses may be your outfit of choice if you are heavily pregnant throughout the summer months. The flowing material helps cool your body and as most pregnant women can attest, sometimes you can get very hot carrying around that extra weight.

Those special occasion maternity dresses may not be available in retail stores in your neighborhood, but you can find them online. Many fashion designers now offer evening wear and bridal wear for the pregnant woman. You can also find some incredible deals by turning to the internet for your shopping needs. Just remember that when you are shopping for maternity clothing online, the one caveat is that you will need to know your measurements before ordering the dress.

A great website to check out for dresses while you are pregnant is They feature a wide selection of affordable maternity wear and fashionable accessories to complete the outfit. They also feature a gift registry for the soon to be mothers. Their dresses range in sizes from small on upwards to extra-extra large for plus size women. While you are there, you may want to check out the maternity wear for workouts, as well as the lingerie section.

You can find maternity dresses for every occasion. There are even wedding designers now making bridesmaid and wedding dresses for pregnant women. The costs of the different dresses vary, depending on the designer and retail store, but there are some great deals if you look around carefully. Do not settle for boring, shapeless dresses anymore. You can be pregnant and still be dressing in designer maternity clothes.

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Sarah 8 years ago

I found some really cute dresses at Melissa Renee Maternity - What I like about their line is that they offer customized maternity neat. I got the Paris Lace Dress and it was absolutely beautiful.

babybuff205 profile image

babybuff205 8 years ago from colchester essex U.K

I found a limitless sourse of maternity dresses there not tents lol so selling them on my website

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