Metallica (Death Magnetic)

Metallica is back!

After a twenty year hiatus Metallica is finally back! Oh sure, I've heard some crackpots tell me that Metallica has actually released albums since "And Justice For All", but I don't know what they've been smoking. Granted, I have no explanation why there's a song entitled "The Unforgiven 3", but I'm sure the boys in Metallica have their reasons for skipping over numbers 1 and 2. And where did Jason go?

Rick Rubin has put his resurection powers to work on a ten song, hour long rock and roll assault highlighted by the songs "That Was Just Your Life", "The Day That Never Comes" and "My Apocalypse". Kirk is playing like his old self again with haunting riffs and several minute jams that bring me back to my High School days. James still tries to "sing" a little more than I would like, but there is some of the old "growl" back in his voice that has been missing for quite some time. Lars is steady, but I really wish he would kick out some double bass like he used to. There are guitar parts in several songs that beg to be accompanied by pounding bass drums, but it just isn't there. Robert's bass playing is solid even if it doesn't bring back any memories of Cliff.

When I heard that this album was going to have the seven minute songs like Metallica used to do, I was worried that it might sound like a desperate attempt to recapture their youth. Fortunately that wasn't the case. It sounds as natural as if they'd been recording albums like this for the past twenty years. And as far as the sound problems I'd read about, other than some static on the drums I don't really hear it. Now we'll have to see if they still have it live when they come around these parts next January.

Since I liked this album so much maybe I'll give St. Anger another try.

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Metalhead 7 years ago

While I wasn't a fan of this release (more of a traditional Metallica fan myself, but to each their own) I just thought I'd drop a line and point out that The Unforgiven and Unforgiven II are on previous albums, they didn't just skip to number 3 =)

WTF iTz BausMan 7 years ago

People who like Metallica are fucked up losers with shit for brains and no life. And Metallica is the shittiest band in the world. I'd piss and shit on all of its members and their fans.

Whoever came up with idea to create Metallica was a total retard. If I ever met the creator of that band, I'd blow him straight to hell. Same thing goes for Metallica and all of its fans.

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