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Hi, why i wanted, hub this topic, really because from my school days i am much amazed about the powers of nature and the powers of human mind which i believe been not understood well or misunderstood and still wonder what a fascinating thing it is. I really love to talk a lot about handling the greatest powers of human mind the essence of every single thing you come across and the basic reason for all your success and failures, happiness and sorrows, bliss and the pain, which i believe handled correctly could give you what everything you want in your life.

First let us see the very basic Seven Minds, yes of-course use your mind to mind these seven.

1.Mind your tongue: Do not let it speak nasty, cruel, unkind or wicked words.

2.Mind your eyes: Do not permit them to look on wicked books, pictures or objects.

3.Mind your ears:Do not allow them listen to wicked speeches, songs, or words.

4.Mind your lips: Do not let unpleasant words foul them, nor strong drink pass them.

5.Mind your hands: Do not let them steal, fight or write evil words.

6.Mind your feet: Do not let them walk in the steps of the wicked.

7.Mind your heart: Do not let the love of sin dwell in it.

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