SALES - How to bond with your customers

Building Rapport

Closing is the endgame in sales.

Getting to the "Yes" is the touchdown in all of this.

So don't make your job any harder than you have to. Studies have shown that customers, your customers, are much more likely to connect with you if they feel comfortable, if they like you.

But how do you do that?

There is a technique called mirroring and matching. There are trainings out there that last for two to three days and they all boil down to a few basic things.

First, match your customer. Early in the conversation, match the tempo of your customer, the way they say their words, certain catch words and phrases. You want to use these conversational items that you noticed to match the customer's speach patterns.

Second, mirror your customer. Mirroring is watching the way your customer sits, positioning and set. Use the same hand gestures and facial expressions as your customer, again don't be obvious.

Be very careful not to fake accents or extremely obscure phrasing.

Don't, if you value your sale at all, don't come across as mocking.Mirroring and matching, done correctly, can be a very strong technique for maximizing your customer's attention. They will feel very comfortable with you and be willing to listen.

I have seen this method take an almost hostile customer and calm them down, get them to listen and, ultimately, closed them to a much easier sale.

Which is the whole point.

Go forth and sell.

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Saleswus 6 years ago

True! This is common NLP technique that works both in sales and other aspects of life (from dating to the jobinterview). People simply like other people whom they think are similar to them.

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