Mistress Confessions Part IV: The Cinderella Syndrome

Don't Be Fooled By A Fairy Tale

As a Mistress, you must learn what it means to commit to "friendship", "trust" and above all "faith" in the relationship that you have garnered with your partner.

A true Mistress is a caretaker, mother, the keeper of his darkest secrets and desires, a lover but above all...a friend.

If you feel that this is who you are, or what you wish to become in your partner's life, then there are indeed a few things that you'll need to learn.

Let's begin by discussing what I like to call:

"The Cinderella Syndrome"

It is high time for this "chick" and everything that she stands for...to die!!

Yes - DIE!! This heifer has done nothing but cause trouble for every woman who has ever lived and loved a man!! DO NOT read anything further until you have understood one very important thing!

Cinderella is a F-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-L character! She does not exist!!

There have been only three women who have even come remotely closeto living her fairytale life, and they are - Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly Grace Kelly), Queen Noor of Jordan (formerly Lisa Halaby) and the late Princess Diana of Wales (formerly Diana Spencer).

With the exception of Princess Diana, both of the other women were American born - "semi-commoners". Semi because Grace Kelly was not only a talented actress, but she was also considered a "stunning beauty" by many and her media exposure made her quite accessible to a very wealthy, but perhaps loveless princely community who more than likely had been sucked into "The Cinderella Syndrome" themselves!

(And If you have ever seen a Grace Kelly movie, it is not very hard to imagine her in a pair of glass slippers.)

As for Queen Noor, well, although she too was American born and bred, she came from a very prominent and not to mention wealthy, Arab-American family. In other words - she had "Da Hook Up!"

So, before you go off "half cocked" trying to convince yourself that if a real life person could come close - then technically it is possible for someone like yourself to experience the "Cinderella" story and therefore, there is a chance somewhere in hell that your man could be "A Prince" too!?

Baby you are...


SEE THE NEXT HUB for more on this horrible affliction...

- "The Cinderella Syndrome" - aka TCS

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ELFNTRU profile image

ELFNTRU 8 years ago from United States Author

Hello! Please feel free to comment "anonymously" if you like on any of my Hubs. You can even create yourself an account and become a "secret" fan. Don't worry no one will know who you are - but again feel free to express yourself! In the meantime - Thanks for stopping by! :)

WIxcy 6 years ago

Princess Mette Marit of Norway, is a true Cinderella story. She was a single-mum with a shady past, but she married the crown-prince and is now the queen-to-be! So there are a few Cinderella stories, that are not fiction!

Mae 4 years ago

Iam a mistress now. Like its a hell feeling to be stuck on that kind of relationship. Several times i tried to get out from it and moved on but evrytime i do that i found myself wanting him more.

They are not together. The wife is in the other state and the guy is with me ryt now. Though they still good with each other. I just tolerate eveything that causes me pain bec i loved him. I really dont know what to do. I want to het out from this. :((

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