Motorcyle GPS. The Worlds Hottest Motorcycle Accessory

Navigation for the motorcyclist

Are you a motorcycle rider? Do you get lost sometimes? Have you considered a motorcycle GPS system?

GPS navigation has come of age and motorcycle GPS is now a reality. There are a number of well known and high profile companies such as Tom Tom and Garmin who now offer dedicated motorcycle GPS navigation systems that offer the latest in high quality high tech navigation systems for bike riders to take the headaches out of long rides to new places.

GPS, or Global Positioning System technology, uses satellite signal cross referencing to determine exactly where the GPS user is on the planet, with extreme accuracy. This is useful, but when it is combined with modern mapping software as well it produces a superb navigation system that is light years ahead of any method of navigation we have used in the past.

A modern motorcycle GPS unit will mount on the handlebars and provide a 3 1/2 inch screen that displays a moving map of the roads along which the motorbike rider is riding. The rider can predetermine his ride before he sets off, input it into his GPS navigator and it will work out the best route.

Motorcycle GPS is hot

As the map moves the rider can see all the required turns as they come up one by one. And many recent GPS motorcycle systems, like the Garmin Zumo 550 or the Tom Tom Rider 2 are combined with Bluetooth technology so that voice commands are directed right into an earpiece that the rider wears, so he can hear voice prompts telling him exactly where to turn to get where he is going.

There are dozens of options. Perhaps he'd like to plan a route that takes in each of the best fuel stops along the way, or accomodation, or perhaps other points of interest. The GPS will do it all for him, and tell him how to get there.

And with some units it is possible to provide real time traffic information, such as traffic jams, so that he knows what's happening, and his GPS can automatically route him around the traffic jam along the best route for him to avoid it.

Download it all later for keeping for future rides, or perhaps to share with his friends.

Get from point A to point B with no effort

Perhaps he likes to listen to music. Upload his music files to his GPS and he can ride with music to accompany him. Perhaps hands free phone calls courtesy of the Bluetooth technology, or perhaps he's like to take some photos along the way and share them with his friends on his motorcycle GPS. It's all possible.

And much, much more. It's stunning what a modern motorcycle GPS navigation system will do, and all for well under $1000. Garmin and Tom Tom both offer units capable of all these features and more. High quality easy to mount dedicated motorcycle GPS navigators.

Oh, and if he drives a car he can mount it in his car for more sedate navigation as well, or perhaps handheld.

There's no doubt a modern motorcycle GPS is one of the best accessories he can ever have for his motorcycle.

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